Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gadallah resigns : Jumping from the ship or what !!

President Morsi’s legal adviser Judge Fouad Gadallah has resigned from his presidency tonight.
It is unknown if he was forced to resign as the MB wants to sacrifice someone or he resigned. Already the Morsi ordered the return of the people’s assembly. This man’s legal advices were more than devastating whether from returning back the people’s assembly and standing against the constitutional court or with the prosecutor general’s debate or with the constitution debate or the constitutional declaration in November. Is he jumping from the ship now !?  We will see
Judge Fouad Jadallah
Pro-MB Judge actually is the among the direct reasons on how Egypt entered political and legal crisis since last November or even since last July
His resignation was leaked to the internet and he stated 7 reasons on why he could not continue :
  1. No clear vision in managing the country and building Egypt’s future as it should !! “All those months after defending Morsi , he is attacking him now !!”
  2. Insisting on keeping Hisham Qandil’s cabinet  despite its constant political and economic failure and not communicating with the opposition to have proper reshuffles.
  3. The attempt to assassinate the judicial authority  through attacking its independence whether through the prosecutor general debate “I am sorry but you were supporting the decision in public, now you are speaking !!?”
  4. How one single political power is controlling the transitional period. “ I do not know if he is speaking about the Muslim brotherhood or the Islamists in general a he is already Islamist !!”
  5. The failure of conducting a true national dialogue to achieve political, economic and security consensus. “Again attacking the President and Presidency” 
  6. The failure to empower the youth especially the revolution youth.
  7. Opening the doors of Egypt in front of Shiism “Ok it is turning crazy from here” and allowing to build Hussainias “not true” through Iranian tourism. He believes that the Iranians will restore the Fatimid State and eliminating Sunni Islam in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ Not so surprising the Salafists are praising the resignation of Gadallah , either Gadallah is actually a Salafist or he is trying to win Salafist in a very cheap way”
Of course the resignation does not stop here because Gadallah continues to reveal interesting stuff :
Journalists are saying that the true reason behind the resignation of Gadallah is his interview with Al Masry Al Youm today where he said that Morsi consults the MB guidance office in some issues. He also praised the army and judiciary in Egypt in the same interview.
Several MB members are saying now in the media whether in News websites or talk shows that Gadallah should not have spoken like that about the president.
It is worth to mention that Gadallah is being attacked by the MB tweeps and MB supporters in social media now. They are claiming that his resignation is the best thing ever because he was standing against Morsi’s progress and that he resigned because he failed to secure a ministerial position !! Amazingly they forget on how they chose him and how they defended him for months.
Of course political observers and commentators do not have nothing except analyzing the resignation and even comparing with Mekki’s mild resignation. This is extremely angry resignation and unlike Mekki who praises Morsi and prays for him, Gadallah is attacking Morsi and his Muslim brotherhood. Mekki is criticizing both the President’s supporters and opponents while Gadallah is speaking to the opposition of Morsi whether from Non Islamists or radical Islamists.
Gadallah is not the first adviser in Presidency to resign in fact he was from the few remaining Non MB advisers in Presidency. In fact I believe now Morsi is surrounded by MB except one man : Emad Abdel Ghafur. Abel Ghafur is a Salafist. I do not know on what side Pakinam Sharkawy is , she is not a MB member.
Anyhow when I think about it I believe Gadallah is jumping from the ship.

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