Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#Aleppo : The Minaret is gone

This is just sad , extremely sad in a way you can not ever imagine. Yes the human souls are precious but seeing the famous Umayyad Mosque without its famous minaret today was a huge shock. The minaret was destroyed after the mosque was shelled by Al Assad security forces.
The mosque without its minaret "AMC and AP"

After and before "AMC and AP"
Ironically some Muslims , mainly from Arabs believed that Prophet Jesus will descend from heavens on this minaret in particular to start his war against the anti-Christ in the end of days. 


  1. This is what Zeinobias idols would do if they took power again in Egypt.

  2. I wonder if you meant, Christian Arabs? Very strange beliefs then, to think Jesus the son of God would bother descending atop a minaret. Mankind is strange in their beliefs, imo. Which has very little to do with true Faith. Mankind seems to want to incorporate all the time, their own traits into their religions and then say it is God's word. Instead of recognizing, the universe is far larger then they are here on this little blue sphere spinning in this remote little solar system.

  3. Extremely sad event.


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