Thursday, April 25, 2013

Palestinian Refugees Escape from hell in #Syria to be in Limbo in #Egypt !!

There is on going human tragedy now in Egypt and no one paying attention to or care to speak about it as it should from the mainstream.
About 9000 Palestinian refugees including whole families have fled Syria to Egypt escaping the revolution turned in to war. Already Palestinian refugees have paid a huge price during those two years. El Assad forces killed many refugees during the fight inside the camps like Yarmouk camp. 
Some of them these 
From the sit in "Do Not kill us twice" by Kareem Farid 
The lucky ones are granted in Egypt a tourism visa where as they should be granted a refugee entry while the others are being deported back to Syria !!
We do not have UNRWA in Egypt and this is part of the problem when it comes to Palestinian refugees. Unlike Lebanon and Syria , we do not have Palestinian refugee camps. UNHCR does not deal with Palestinians , UNRWA only deals with them.
As I have been told from trusted sources that problem can be ended so easily if the Presidency and ministry of foreign affairs act as they should and help those families asking the help of the international agencies.
Of course another part of the problem is how the Palestinian embassy is dealing with the matter. It is just a disgrace.
The refugees are from all ages by Kareem Farid
The Palestinian families from their side started at the Palestinian embassy in Dokki area , Giza a two days sit in on Tuesday.They halted it for the weekend an are going to resume on Sunday.
The Palestinian ambassador met them on Wednesday and told them that he would inform the Palestinian ambassador in New York about their case so the later would tell the UN secretary general and find a solution for their agony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The embassy already distributed a statement on Monday with what is currently doing and will do to the Palestinian refugees from Syria. Of course the achievements of the embassy were completely denied by the angry refugees.
Well the families need a solution now. They are not going to wait for ever.
The families at the embassy in Dokki by Kareem Farid
Now the following is the off the record talk , you know the type of talk you find in a blog and not in a news website. According to trusted sources the Palestinian refugees of Syria are the price of the regional politics and the fight between Fatah and Hamas as well its mother movement in Egypt aka Muslim brotherhood. The Palestinian ambassador is from Fatah and it seems that he is not acting in a hurry for real to solve this human tragedy in order to embarrass Hamas and the MB with no consideration what so ever to the people.
Here is a  photo gallery from the sit in , unfortunately I did not go there to cover it but friends and tweeps did go and cover it in solidarity.

You can follow the case of the Palestinian refugees from Syria on twitter on the following hashtag : #DoNotKillUs 
Mosireen made a video about the suffering of the Palestinian refugees from Syria in Egypt. It has not been translated to English yet.


  1. Will the other Syrian refugees get a special UN agency like UNRWA and get an eternal refugee status for them and their descendents?

    Nowhere in the world people keep their refugee status after 66 years.

    1. What a stupid comment. If the Syria conflict goes on for 66 years and one or both sides refuse to allow these people back to their country, then yes, they will be refugees.

    2. Nowhere in the world people (and their descendents) hold a refugee status after 66 years.

      There were sadly many millions of forced refugees in the world since the years 1947-1948: between Germany and Eastern Europe, India and Pakistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, Greek & Turkish Cypriots, Serbia-Coratia, Poland and Ukraine, Armenia-Azarbijan and many more.

      Nobody got a special UN agency and an eternal refugee status like the Palestinians did. All assimilated into their new countries and became equal citizens.

  2. Check out this story from the Egypt Independent on the issue!

  3. This is one of the strangest wars in the history of mankind. I am not sure what it compares to. Possibly Yugoslavia. Maybe some of the Wars of Independence in the colonies.

    One thing for sure, Assad will never rule Syria, again. He probably knows that. Soon, noone will even keep track of the numbers of dead. Fisk thinks Assad will be around for a lot longer than most people expect and that he has lots of cards up his sleeve and solid backing from Iran & Russia. All of which might be true but I am wondering if we aren't seeing a slow-motion genocide on some alien terrain. Turkey is quiet, Lebanon is sort of quiet.Iran is quiet. Even Israel is quiet. Very odd.
    Meanwhile, the flame flares up, then dies down, always advancing burning up a little more of the country, a few more lives, a few more refugees.Some like Mccain speak the language of "No Fly Zones" or "Safe Havens", the Russians of "Terrorists & extremists", the Iranains of "the brotherhood of fellow muslims, let the Syrians decide their future" (as if they know anything about that, they do have a sense of humor).

    Everyones either winning or everyones losing. I can't figure out which. Maybe both. War really is the enemy of all mankind. Like a flesh-eating disease that eats from the inside out leaving a perfect looking, seemingly untouched corpse.


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