Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And The Soldiers Are Back and Free

From four hours ago the official spokesperson of armed forces announced the end of the hostages crisis in Sinai with the following message : 
The 7 kidnapped soldiers are in their way back to Cairo after they are being released thanks to the efforts of the military intelligence with the help of the tribes chieftains and honorable people of Sinai. 
I think my predictions were right.
After an honor we found that the soldiers would arrive to Al Maza Military airport where President Morsi , minister El Sisi of defense and PM Qandil were waiting for them.
Morsi, El Sisi, Qandil and Ibrahim at Al Maza airport 
During that time the soldiers were being prepared to show  up shaved and wearing their uniform. The soldiers look even younger and distraught.


President Morsi spoke during the reception and sent several messages :

  • He supports the army. 
  • He calls the opposition for dialogue. 
  • He is open to reconcile with Mubarak's era investors. 
  • We are ready for elections.

The official spokesperson of armed forces will hold a presser to discuss what happened. The Presidency will hold a presser too as well.
Rafah crossing is now open.  
Now on social networks Egyptians believe the kidnapping was more of a charade to raise the popularity of Morsi !!
Here is a cartoon by Andeel that summarizes this view.
El Sisi to Morsi : Why nobody is buying this ? JF Andeel


  1. "We are ready for elections." !!! what elections

  2. What about the estimated 4000 Africans kidnapped for ransom and/or held for organ traficking in Sinai?

    I don't give a shit about anything in your country if you don't try to solve (or at least draw attention) this immense violation of human rights!

  3. Morsi is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't in your books. Don't you think thats a silly position for a journalist? If they all died it would have been inaction on his part. Because they all returned safely it was clearly a put up job!

    1. I think you're wrong about Zeinobia. She voted for the guy, didn't she? She'd be just fine with Morsi if he did things her way, as in being anti-imperalist, anti-Israel, and generally leftist/marxist. She probably thought that's where he was at when she voted, and is against him now because it didn't turn out that way. It's my books that Morsi has no way to win, in. He's Muslim Brotherhood, and Muslim Brotherhood fronts for Al Qaida and other terror groups. Always has and always will. They are different aspects of the same ideology.

  4. Nobody arrested and nobody punished, as usual, when it comes to Egypt and its terrorist supporting government. Charade is right. Seems like the only people who don't see through the farce is Egyptians, and that's likely because they have no moral objection to this kind of behavior, they only become annoyed when it troubles them personally. They'd be cheering if the same terrorists kidnapped Israeli soldiers from across the border, or attacked the US embassy in Cairo and took American diplomats hostage.


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