Thursday, May 23, 2013

Leave Cairo's Saint Patron Alone For God sake !!

I am getting tired of hearing that sort of news everyday.Yesterday I found photos showing horrible agression on Sayeda Zeinab Mosque in Old cairo. First you can read more about the history of that mosque and shrine in Cairobserver blog. You will be shocked to know that this mosque is not listed as Islamic monument !!
Now It seems that either the ministry of endowment or some people decided to paint the old mosque as they want. They began to color the roof white the minaret was painted by pink !!
Here is a photo gallery for what happened exactly in the mosque from Historic Cairo Facebook Page.

 It is unclear who is behind this cultural agression. Some say that it is the ministry of endowment while others say that they are some El Sayeda fantatics trying to get rid to celebrate the birth of Cairo's Saint patron in their own way !!
Either ways the ministry of culture and its Urban harmony sector are extremely angry and they demand that nonsense to stop right way.
The head of the Sayeda Zeinab district claimed that he did not do anything about the painting of the mosque !! 
The district stopped the painting thank goodness but one must wonder what if those photos above did not make it online.
By the way I think the ministry of culture and ministry of antiquities should pay attention to what is happening to the old mosques related to Islamic saints. I wrote before about Sultan Abu Ela Mosque and nothing happened. By the doom of Sultan Abu Ela mosque is painted white. 


  1. It is unclear who is behind this cultural agression.

    I think we all know it's the zionists, don't we?

  2. whats wrong with painting a mosque white?

    1. Kinda obvious, but:

    2. You will be shocked to know that this mosque is not listed as Islamic monument !!

      I'm not shocked at all. Sayeda Zeinab is connected to Shia Islam and Egyptians are not Shia. You realize the salafists will eventually bulldoze that mosque, right? As they've done with Sufi mosques in Libya? And they've already attacked the Sayeda Zeinab mosque in Syria twice, while ethnically cleansing Shia who live near it.

      Don't worry, though. The Muslim Brotherhood will protect that mosque from their salafist allies. You can rely on that.

  3. I think that it really comes down to the fact that there is so much hate in Egypt against the Shi3a and the Sufis and the Copts and against woman by the religious elite from Sunni Islam

    I really believe that the likes of Shioukh el-fada'yat, that spread hate ignorance and stupidity, should go and find a real job and work a real day in their lives and that financing these morons by the despicable Wahhabis has to end

    What is wrong with Shi3a Islam? what is wrong with Sufi Islam? what is wrong with women? and what is wrong with the Copts? There is nothing wrong with them it is those crazy shioukh that should be stopped and their hate should be exposed for what it is hate and no more

    But you can hear these shioukh telling their ignorant followers "Toz fi masr" and in the case of the moron el-Sheikh el-Heweni to go and invade other countries and rape and loot their people and that this would get Egypt out of its economic problems!

    So the Shi3a and the Sufis and the Copts and women become fair game to these criminals


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