Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Electricity , No Bills

As Egypt began to be hit by a new wave of blackouts for long hours from North to South Egyptians , some Egyptians began to think to object in their own way : They will not pay the electricity bill.
People are leaving messages on their doors and gates that they will not pay the electricity bill.
Tanta : we are not pay the electricity bill 
Why to pay for something they do not get especially in exams season !? 
Hers is a Facebook event page as well a Facebook Page for the campaign
This is a peaceful pressure tool I believe whether you or disagree and yet millions are harmed as a result of having reactive government that did not act as it should since last summer. It is worth to mention that there is increase in the electricity bills.
Since last summer 2012 and the massive blackouts we suffered from in the country as well with the shortage in fuel , there have been warnings that the blackouts will continue in summer 2013 and yet from what I see the government did not do anything to prevent or to stop this new crisis or even prepare for it. I swear to God I know that this crisis goes back to time of Mubarak during the summer but what the new democratically elected president and his government have done regarding this pressing problem for two years !?
I am tired of having reactive governments before and after the revolutions. I am tired of having a government that does not save energy itself , why on earth we find light posts in the daylight working ?? Why can not we have solar light post like solar billboards for God sake !?
Now part of the government responsibility as well the NGOs and the media to be frank in this time is to provide people with alternatives trying to save energy.I am not speaking about Hisham Qandil’s type of advices like all the family members stay one room wearing cotton underwear and one air conditioner is on. I am speaking about energy saving bulbs. I am speaking about instructions for emergencies whether health emergencies or security emergencies.
Again it is not the role of the government only but the society and its NGOs as well.
I am speaking about using solar charges for mobile phones and other devices. I am speaking about encouraging people especially in new communities and rural areas to use solar heaters. I wrote about this before and I will continue to write about it again. By the way I heard that people in areas like October and Sheikh Ziyad began to think about buying solar generators ‘rich class’.  I do not know why the government does not support those people and help them , at least it will lift some of the burden.
Already I can not believe with that amount of sand and sun we have got in Egypt , we do not manufacture solar heaters and solar plates . For God sake we were the first to try solar energy !!
By the way we will face even tougher times with upcoming fuel problem in the summer.


  1. I can tell you now, Electricity consumption vs predicted growth is something the engineers, the ones on the floor, would've highlighted to their superiors not 2 or 5 years ago, I would say well over 10 years ago. Obviously their advise fell on deaf and/or ignorant ears.

    The elected Egyptian Government would be utterly hopeless in current situation as they lack Infrastructure, money, petrol, R&D and most importantly, vision.

    then what to do?

    Tax subsidies, privatization, Solar and Wind power, as you mentioned, are all good. It will, slowly, improve and eventually effeminate reliance on one source of Energy.

    When can they start? Not now. Not even close. It seems, to me, that this government/main party is hell bent on 'divide and concur' policy by jamming religion and hysterical intolerance to all opposition, be it political or otherwise.

    Until they're satisfied all opposition is dead, and people are just a large herd, i'm afraid their real jobs are put on hold.

  2. Solar power? What, Egyptians are upscale hippies now? Somebody who cares needs to send Egyptians a bunch of low cost generators, like the Iraqis and Palestinians use. And solar chargers for their mobiles? Take the damn phones away from them, they don't need that. Revolution is over, who they gonna call? CNN and Al Jazeera don't need to hear from Egyptians anymore. Let them hang out on the street raping women, it's what they like best anyway. And that'll get their mind off the fact nobody loves them enough to give them free solar power at US taxpayer expense.

  3. Mubarak destroyed the country full stop and to blame Morsi is insane.

    Egyptians love to blame others and this is no exception.

    It's time Egyptians got off their asses and the fat women especially switched off the Turkish dramas and go out in teams and clean up their neighbourhoods.

    Oh wait!!
    Egyptian women have maids and butlers and housekeepers to do that for them!

    How many Egyptian women do you know that gets on her knees and Mr Muscles her own toilet? or brushing her own floor for that matter?
    How many Egyptian men wash their own car or sweep their own drive? or carry their won shopping upstairs from the car?

    Oh well I guess Egypt is truly doomed then!

  4. Why are the offensive remarks from the two "Anonymous" above being allowed to stay?

    I have to say that people need to take responsibility for their own part in creating this situation. The number of aircons in Egypt has increased from less than a million ten years ago to 12 million now. We lived without aircon before, so why this sudden need for it? It's the people running the airconditioners day and night that need to get their usage under control and accept responsibility for this crisis. Turn off lights when you don't need them. There is so much that EVERYONE can do to get this crisis under control. I hope the electric company cuts off the power to those who aren't paying their bills. Our bills are lower than EVERYONE I know and we aren't sacrificing anything, except we use fans instead of aircon. We have multiple computers, we have a microwave, we iron our own clothes, we have a full automatic washing machine, but we still use less electricity than everyone I ask. So I can only imagine everyone else is just a bunch of wasteful people who suck electricity like leeches.

    1. Offensive remarks? What the hell you talking about? You're the one accusing Egyptians of being selfish leeches! I'm pretty sure you were implying Egyptians are fat and lazy, too, which is true but why you have to say it?

    2. I noticed there is numerous offensive remarks that appears to be coming from the same person because of the identical pattern. I don't think it should be dignified with a response.

    3. Since when are Egyptian revolutionaries passive-aggressive douchebags?

  5. There is no way to stop in increase in electricity usage in Egypt. Most of the increase will come from factories and not from domestic use, so reducing domestic air condition wont help much.

    If you want to modernize Egypt's economy you have to support it with proper power generation capacity. As mentioned, it should have been planned 10 years ago. Anyway, better late than never.


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