Saturday, May 25, 2013

Follow Up : Mohamed Ali Palace in Shubra El Kheima

This is a follow up post for the Mohamed Ali Palace in Shubra El Kheima and what I wrote about earlier regarding the palace.
Tweep @Ronna56 works in the ministry of culture and she told me on twitter that the engineers and experts in the ministry already wrote a report about the bad condition of the palace. 
A photo for ceiling by Howard Jones
@Ronna56 , who is also an engineer says that according to the report “Wadi Al Nil for constructions” committed horrifying mistakes in the renovation like for instance like using bad type of fire stop plastic pipes that led to water leaks if I understood correctly affecting the old palace. The report is supported by testimonies from professors in engineers.
Allegedly the construction company follows the General Intelligence , thus no one dared to speak up and criticize their work !!
The report predicted that the palace will collapse from several years ago.
I do not understand we did not spend LE 55 million to have fancy restaurants and gala hall , this is a part of our great history. Egypt was ruled from this palace , in fact that palace witnessed the birth of Modern Egypt !!
The report is kept in the ministry of culture for anyone interested. I believe the ministry should represent it a report the prosecutor general despite he will not do something still this is the right legal step available.
At the same time I urge the journalists to dig for the report and publish it in their newspapers and websites in order to force the government to do something. It seems that this is the only way available to us.
Here are @Ronna56's tweets  in Arabic

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  1. Modern Egypt was founded by an Albanian governor appointed by the Ottoman Turks? No wonder you people are so messed up.


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