Monday, June 3, 2013

Egyptian Presidency says Ethiopia Is not Fully Cooperating And InvitesParties For suggestions

I knew on Saturday night from trusted informed source that the Egyptian presidency will reach to a decision regarding the Nile Crisis either on Sunday or Monday. President Morsi would have met the national security council and heard their suggestions and recommendations based on what they have got from information.
Well it seems that yesterday President Morsi did not meet only with the national security but he also met with the Egyptian delegation in the trilateral commission who presented to him the final copy from their report regarding the Ethiopian dam. They also discussed with him their findings. 
In Sunday afternoon the Egyptian presidency officially announced that according to the report Ethiopia did not fully cooperate with the commission and did not present enough information regarding the impacts of the dam especially the negative the impact. 
Accordingly the commission recommended more studies to be held to know the impact of that dam on both Egyptian and Sudan. The trilateral commission formed from one year ago and held 6 major meetings from May 2012 to May 2013 is made of engineer, dam and water experts from Egypt , Ethiopia and Sudan as well three other foreign countries according to what I know.
On the same day the presidency announced that it is invited all Egyptian parties to a meeting on Monday at the presidency to discuss what Egypt should do regarding the dam !!
I do not know if it is good move but this looks like as if Morsi is incapable of  taking a decision. Anyhow my evil mind is telling me that it is pathetic way to put the opposition that refuses to sit and talk with Morsi in a corner. 
Well it seems that the opposition parties are also going to the meeting after all this is a true national security matter... And they got what Morsi is trying to do. 
Amr Hamzawy of Misr EL Horreya as well Mohamed Abu El Ghar of Egyptian Social Democratic Party are going because this is Egypt's water national security. Abu El Ghar said from couple hours ago that he is not going to the meeting after receiving some many calls and e-mails from party's members urging him not to go !! Hamdeen Sabbahi said that he was not going without giving any further details. ElBaradei is already out of town and Amr Moussa asked for a copy from the report in order to send his suggestions back to presidency in a memo. 
My personal opinion in this matter : I hope that they do not air this meeting on TV because it may affect our not so good relation with Ethiopia already after all the President's allies in Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa considered what Our southern neighbor  had done actually an act of war !!!!!!!
Airing this meeting on TV means big empty words and not true suggestions. 


  1. If Egypt invades Sudan and Ethiopia to keep the water flowing, and invades Libya to keep the economy going, and invades Israel to keep the resistance going, everything will be fine.

  2. Zeinobia: Do you expect that Morsi has a clue about diplomacy? He is clueless and as for "war" with Ethiopia: Morsi does not have the money or the international support for such war which at the end will lead no where

    Egypt needs a leader that has the vision and the skills to negotiate good deals for Egypt

    PS: on two different subject:

    1. what is the story with Morsi making 300,000 pounds per month in a country where 40% of the population live on $2 per day?

    2. The second subject is the Islamist Erdogan who is saying that the recent demonstrations in Takseem Square should be blamed on what he called "the twitter menace" and not himself. And he seems to be unaware that people want to be free and do not want to be told how to dress or how to behave in public and not to consume alcohol as young people in Turkey want to make decisions for themselves. I just wonder what does Morsi think of Erdogan and his real troubles now?

    1. Haha, I know, right? I laughed my ass off at that. Here's what he said:

      "There is now a menace which is called Twitter. The best examples of lies can be found there. Social media is the worst menace to society."


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