Sunday, June 30, 2013

#June30 : Apocalypse Now "Live Updated"

And the big day is here.
Since early morning Cairo has become a ghost town , a real ghost town. Empty streets and empty traffic are unsusal in the big crowded city on Sunday's morning. It is like the calmness before the storm indeed. In fact it is the clamness before the storm.
It is expected that the action won't really start except afternoon when the rallies and protests start at 4 PM. Already all people know that in a mid summer day , the protests and rallies will attract more people at night. Nevertheless there are increasing number of protesters in Tahrir square and some governorates have started early like Alexandria, Mahalla, Mounfia and Port Said. 
Companies have either closed their doors or downsized the employees on Sunday especially the ladies. Ladies employees are told to go home. Few restaurants in Cairo are providing delivery services.
The Cairo Alexandria railway has been cut by angry protesters yet the railways services are working in the rest of the country. The Metro stations and lines are working fine too. 
Here is a live storify update to make our lives easier.
It is after the break as usual.


  1. Zeinobia: thank you for keeping us informed on this big day and خلي بالك من نفسك يا حبيبتي and remember that el-ikhwangiyya the likes of el-irhabi Asm abd el-maged are مجرمين

    Great work and I will be reading what you will be posting all day.

  2. The MB like their sticks and bats don't they.
    Egypt is not polarised, it is energised politically.
    Many do support Morsi but many more do not.
    Since the MB promised they would not campaign for the Presidency and then did so, they can't complain when the people rethink their position on his leadership. If the MB vcan change their mind so can the voters.

  3. what a joke. Nothing like what was expected. Have you seen from the side streets off tahrir. Looks like cameras are being used selectivly as is the reporting. The most that can be said is the pro morsi and the anti morsi represent two halves of the population. But we know that at the time of the presidential elections. So what now.

    1. Your reaction is a joke.
      The pics and videos from all over Cairo and all over Egypt speak for itself! This protest is the biggest so far!

      I can't wait for the elections so that it will be proven to those who don't want to see how much today means


  4. I second the thanks of previous comment. Your blog gives a great update on the sad situation. I'm far away from Egypt, but I feel anxious and worried.
    Be careful,hope to God change will come to Egypt.

  5. The Ihwan mobilized some 25000 supporters only while more than 2 millions demanded early elections. The fanatics have lost the street and any legitimacy to govern Egypt. But they never intended to govern anyway. They want to rule!
    Today a Muslim country has thrown off the tyranny of religious fascists. We have regained our revolution and our freedom. Long live Egypt!!!

  6. "We reject any interference in Egypt's affairs. We don't interfere in anyone's affairs and we expect the same."

    You didn't sound very neutral regarding Syria, Morsi.


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