Thursday, June 6, 2013

#Nile Crisis : Sorry Is the Hardest word Indeed

After the scandalous National dialogue aka War council held by Presidency , we found no reaction or no official apology from the Egyptian Presidency regarding the insults to Sudan and the threats to Ethiopia.
On Tuesday Mohamed ElBaradei apologized to both Sudan and Ethiopia 

Of course this did not go quietly despite many Egyptians online respected what ElBaradei as veteran diplomat did . The Islamists unleashed a new verbal attack against the former head of the IAEA as usual.

The apology of ElBaradei to Ethiopia is a new contradiction added to his long list of contradictions , we have not heard any opinion from you nor did you ever participate in national dialogue , lame opposition. 
This was Salafist Al Nour party Spokesperson Nader Bakkar on his official twitter account.
Al Nour Party leader Younis Makhioun suggested that Islamist militants could give Ethiopia hard times and we can escalate the matter to the level of having a covert operation to demolish the dam.It is worth to mention that Al Nour party has been actively marketing itself abroad to the West as a good replacement to the Muslim brotherhood.

Who apologized to Ethiopia for what the patriots said and expressed regarding the threats to our legal rights of Nile , hopefully will apologize to his nation because he did not know that there was thirstiness threatening his people. 
This is Mohamed Mahsoob, the leading member in Al Wasat Party. I think Abu Ela Mady , the leader of that Islamist party also suggested some hostile action against Ethiopia.
Amazingly those politicians do not realize the damage they have caused.
Anyhow on Wednesday President Morsi tweeted the following on the same day of the National dialogue.

We assert our respect to the Sudanese people in the North and the South as well the Ethiopian people 
This is indirect apology.
No one commented with a single word at all.
BY the way when the national dialogue speakers were speaking about covert operations against Ethiopia. The Ethiopian ambassador was having a meeting with Amr Moussa and Moussa apologized to him for the insults and threats on air against Ethiopia.
Updated :
The Ethiopian Ministry of foriegn affairs accepted Dr. ElBaradei's apology and in fact the minister of foreign affairs in Ethiopia Mr.Tedros Adhanom retweeted ElBob's tweet !!


  1. Zeinobia: Nader Bakkar is an idiot and a coward after all he will be hiding under his bed if a war is declared and poor Egyptians will be sent to fight and be killed

    Like I said before Egypt does not have the money to fight a war and Morsi does not have any international support for such war and I'm not sure who will be foolish enough to provide him with arms

    The only way out is diplomacy and give and take realizing that the old days, or free and abundant water from the Nile, are behind us

  2. Under International Law- The Soverenty of a Waterway that crosses other Countries from the Source --Victoria Falls--to the Med.Sea -Egypt-in this case Has to be Shared in consideration to the Survival of All Countries. Thank You.


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