Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#OccupyMinCulture : Occupy Movement Vs. Islamists

The day started with very alarming announcement published in the official Facebook page of Ahmed Mogheer , the leading youth Muslim brotherhood member and their star. I think you have read about Al Mogheer before in the previous clashes like the Presidential Palace clashes on 5 December 2012 or the Moktam clashes in last March 2013 .You have see him doing the Harlem Shake MB edition .
Anyhow He is like the omen of the death and blood. Once he opens up his mouth and rants about mobilizing the MB , you will know that this gathering will end up in violence and the blood of Egyptians will be spelled.
Back to Al Mogheer’s announcement “I am sorry I had to have this introduction because he will appear again in our chronicle later” on Facebook. The Self claimed artist said the following

Al Mogheer's early announcement
Today at 4 PM all the supporters of the revolutionary solution to support the minister of culture in front of the ministry of culture because I want to assure that if that minister’s plan succeeds , it will be generalized on everybody insh Allah but if it fails God forbids I do not want anyone to complain from reformist solution
It is worth to mention that a group of artists and intellectuals have been occupying the ministry of culture demanding the dismissal of the minister for several days now. They came in peace and hold every night a cultural event in the street of the ministry like ballet.
The ministry of culture while it is occupied "Cliff Cheney"
So I do not know what kind of revolutionary solution that young man was calling for and why he was calling for a protest in a place where there are other protesters if he did not intend to use violence in order to disperse their sit in.
As soon as this FB status was published the artists and intellectuals called the people and the world to support them. The alarm was spread especially when we know that other Islamists will join El Mogheer including Al Watan party , the Salafist party.
To be honest I found many journalists, writers, artists and normal citizens online declaring that they will head to the ministry of culture in order to protect its protesters.
At 4 PM few Islamists showed up with heavy security forces presence.
The CSF deployment "by Ronna"
The CSF was deployed at nearby intersection and cameras came waiting for the expected battle.

The ministry during then "Cliff Cheney"
The protesters inside the ministry of culture closed and chained its gate while the protesters outside it stood to let no one in. The protesters inside and outside sang and chanted against the Islamists.
During then Mamdouh Ismail, the famous Islamist lawyer should up. The security forced deployed more forces forming a perimeter as well a human shield between both teams. Things went clam between them but suddenly small scuffles happened and small groups of each team beat up each other. I do not know how things have started but what I know that Salafists hurled something at the security forces and one of the conscripts was injured.
Then there was this surrealist moment when the CSF and the protesters ran after the Salafists over 15 May bridge !!
Occupy Movement won this battle.
Of course this was nothing compared to what happened MB Superstar Ahmed El Mogheer.
Ahmed El Mogheer was beaten up by a girl , yes a by a girl during the scuffle. Of course That girl is not any girl , that girl was Rasha Azab. The Rasha Azab of No for military trials to refresh your mind.
Rasha Azab was a close friend to late journalist El Hossainy Abu Deif who was killed during the Presidential Palace clashes allegedly by the MB thanks to the incitements of El Mogheer and others.

 I beat up that son of bitch and told him that this is from El Hossainy Abu Deif , the security forces hit with a stick , fuck the police ---- Rasha Azab
Rasha , Al Mogheer and security forces "ENN"
BY the way Rasha did not cause all those injuries alone , I saw videos where he was beaten by other protesters. He is so much hated in a way you can not believe it.
Here is Al Mogheer beaten earlier by angry protesters

He had to be transferred to the hospital of course in CSF vehicle accompanied by none other Omar Abdel Hady , the former member of constituent assembly.Abdel Hady is not different from Al Mogheer when it comes to incitement he spread.
Al Mogheer and Abdel Hady in the police vehicle
Ahmed El Mogheer does nothing on his Facebook except spreading hate between Egyptians. He did not care for the blood cost Egyptians paid because of his hateful posts and incitements. Today he paid the price.
Of course he is playing the victim now and his brothers who were threatening to turn Egypt in to Syria on June 30 are condemning the language of violence.
This is what Al Mogheer wrote on his Facebook page after what happened.
This is the culture they are defending , the culture of violence, terrorism, blood and exclusion, the culture of destruction and destroying nations… Yes I am injured physically and I have spelled a lot of blood but my spirit is high. We will meet next 30/6
He also posted this photo
Victory sign "Al Mogheer"
El Mogheer appeared from awhile on TV , on Al Youm TV channel saying that the “wolves”  attacked him !!!!
Ahmed El Mogheer went to protest peacefully in front of the ministry of culture in solidarity to the ministry , they are trying to attack him. The opposition does not monopolize the places but it also monopolizes protesting !! ---- Sameh El Khatry
Sameh El Khatry is a Muslim brotherhood preacher who got two accounts , one for these statements and one for replies on twitter. He is another superstar among the Muslim brotherhood.
I hate to say that they started it so they should not come and play the victim role. He was planning along to disperse the sit in by force.
In the end I do not have any problem in saying : Ahmed El Mogheer was beaten by a girl.
By the way hundreds are currently at the ministry listening to the music of Al Masrieen band and Ramy Essam 


  1. how stupid. The opposition are acting like fools.

  2. El Mogheer got what he asked for ;)


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