Thursday, July 18, 2013

And The Interim President Addresses The Nation

Interim President Adly Mansour has addressed the Egyptian tonight in a very short speech on the anniversary of the 10th Ramadan War aka October 1973 war “according to the Islamic calendar”. It is considered his first true speech.
Here is the televised speech as it was shown on the Egyptian National TV on time. There was no single delay for one minute. Yes the Egyptian National TV announced that it would be aired on 9 PM and so it was.
Adly Mansour addresses the nation.
This made many Egyptians compare between the ousted President and the interim President and how Morsi made Egyptians woke up till dawn to listen to his speech. The comparison does not stop at the timing and how long speech is but also the seriousness of the speech and its terms . The Arabic of Mansour is perfect , not surprisingly as a judge.
Anyhow to the short speech and its major points :
  • The interim president mentioned that 30th June is an extension to 25th January revolution despite he stressed later on “30 June” a revolution.
  • The interim president said soon enough we will national reconciliation and there will be no exclusion.
  • We are going forward in the political roadmap.
  • The interim president emphasized on “The will of the people” and the greatness of the Egyptian people and how it does not know the impossible.
  • The people want to go forward while there are others who want to attract the people to violence “in reference to the Muslim brotherhood
  • Egypt is going to restore back its position in the world
  • Egypt respects its agreements and seeks peace “in other words to our neighbor Israel we are sticking to the peace agreement”
I would bet that the man who wrote this speech is none other than his media advisor and spokesperson Ahmed El Muslimany. Yes those ideas about the greatness of our people , our nation , our history and our location are always reflected in El Muslimany’s talk as TV host and writings as writer.
For those who do not know  Mr. El Muslimany used to write some ousted President Mubarak’s speeches. I do not know how to El Muslimany’s videos except that he is nationalist. El Muslimany is smart , he avoided all Morsi and his MB media’s mistakes from long speeches.
By the way speaking about media in presidency , yesterday Al Jazeera Arabic and Anadolu News agency correspondents were not allowed to attend the press conference held by Presidency. This is extremely wrong message to send to the world regarding the freedom of speech and freedom of press in the country.
This is the second time Al Jazeera Arabic is not allowed to cover an official presser. The first time was the army presser held next day the clashes at the Republican guards HQ. Of course they were kicked by other military correspondents from state owned media.
The TV channels and reporters knew that the short speech was recorded at the presidential palace and then was sent to Maspero. Amazingly earlier this week I remember that one of the army officers on twitter stated that Mansour was going to address the public on the 10th of Ramadan.
Interestingly I was expecting another speech on the 23 July as it is our national day.
By the way this year marks the 40 anniversary of 1973 October war.


  1. you think it was a good decision to make that speech while most are praying Taraweeh ?
    Or is there a message behind?

    1. i doubt they even realised muslims should be praying at that time

    2. he knows he cannot hold the situation, so making a mini-speech when 90% of egyptians wouldn't hear it was his best shot

  2. "Egypt is going to restore back its position in the world" ??? What is he talking about?

    1. well eh it can only mean back to it's position as puppet of Israel US UK etc
      stopping plans for Suez, since Emirates are against this, decreasing oil prices for Israel again, increasing poverty in egypt...

  3. of course there is another important difference between the two. Morsi is the first democratically elected president of Egypt in its history. This stooge is a faceless Mubarak loyalist doing the bidding of his masters. Also one could add for all his faults Morsi never presided over army massacres, snipers on rooftops, secret police back on streets, opposition newspapers shut down and journalists arrested, barred from covering news etc etc etc

    1. OMG Latifa! How brainwashed you are! Morsy declared himself Pharaoh with unprecedented constitutional declarations. Morsi released murderers and terrorists from jail and teamed up with Jihadies and Hamas. He even appointed a Gam3a al-Islamiyya gangster as governor. Journalists who critisized him were prosecuted for blasphemy. Opponents were declared Kuffar so that they could be killed, because Ihwan do never kill Muslims. Morsi's Ihwan henchmen crucified their opponents in broad daylight in front of the Presidential Palace. Morsi ruled by oppression and intimidation to push his Islamist Constitution down the throats of all liberal Egyptians. Needless, to point out that instead of caring for the people he wasted time by looking for ways to banning bikinis, alcohol and porn on the internet.

      All not so democratic elected Presidents of Egypt did so much better for the people that I rather have a faceless Mubarak loyalist than a faceless puppet of a fascist Morshed.

  4. The same anonymous throwing in multiple stupid comments, that all adds up to nothing, zero, zip.

    Taraweeh. Yes, he should have waited until you finish eating, praying, and sleeping all day. Your God didn't tell you to pray then go block people in their buildings and deficate on thir stairs. And when you feel like it, throw their children from the top of buildings before slitting their throats.

    And, Oh, 90% of people do what. Pray and fast, then lie and cheet and kill innocent people. it is shameful that call yourselves Muslims and hold the Koran in one hand, and the sword in another, while acting like thugs.

    I wonder why God is seeing that, and doesn't burn you alive. Elh.

    1. Not exactly. The Devil will burn them in afterlife!

  5. Dear Z.,

    "By the way this year marks the 40 anniversary of 1973 October war."
    Just a small correction, for the Hijri calendar, this is the 41 anniversary (from 1393 to 1434 hijri).

    The reason for this is, a Hijri year is 354 or 355 days long. While a Gregorian is 365 or 366 days long. Therefore a hijri or Islamic lunar year is between 10 and 12 days shorter than a Gregorian year.



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