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Death in #Mansoura : And Blood is A River in #Egypt

From two days ago 4 ladies from Morsi supporters were killed during the clashes between the Muslim brotherhood supporters and thugs in the city of Mansoura. The MB rally was actually a women’s rally the 10th Ramadan protests. It was a night protest and was attacked by thugs at rally. It was a tragedy by all measures especially with the more we knew about the incident.
 Hala is youngest one among those ladies
organized part of
The Ministry of interior did not secure the rally and did not stop the thugs’ attacks despite it was a peaceful rally and they had to secure it. The head of Mansoura’s directorate are responsible is responsible Logic says so and law says so. The thugs in Mansoura are well known to everybody and can be brought in anytime .. only if the police wants to.
The tragedy that does not stop at the MOI because the Muslim brotherhood leading figures got a hand too. The organizers of the rally from the Muslim brotherhood leading members in the city were warned by several members that the rally would pass by thugs but they did not listen “Testimonies 1,2 and 3
They know that the protest would include unarmed peaceful women and yet they insist to take that route.
I do not want the army to interfere in anything , I want to police to do its job according to the law for once.
Unfortunately the Muslim brotherhood leading figures continue to harm those ladies. Gehad El Heddad , the MB spokesperson for foreign media has posted a photo on twitter from the Syrian revolution as a photo from Mansoura in disrespect to those ladies who have been killed.
It is not the first time it happened , it happened before during the Republican Guards clashes and it has been discrediting the Muslim brotherhood and their version of the story in Egypt since then.
It is worth to mention that El Heddad apologized later for the wrong photo.
Here is a video for happened filmed by one of the ladies participating in the rally.
Al Mansoura : Attack on the 10th Ramadan Rally
What happened in Mansoura reminds me with what happened in Manial island in Cairo from two weeks ago. When the army and police left the locals in the quiet island in a fight with the Muslim brotherhood who were armed. The fight ended with tens killed in the once quiet island. Lives could have been saved if the police did its job for once. "A storify report about their funerals"
Four of Manial's martyrs

Same thing happened in Giza during the clashes between the MB supporters including Salafists and the locals resulting in horrifying tales of people getting killed and tortured as well. The police could have save a lot of lives if it interfered.
Lives are lost every day in Egypt whether in Cairo or Delta or Sinai from both sides making reconciliation looking like a mirage.
Another thing that makes me extremely sad that Egyptians online are losing their humanity day after day.
Some people are calling Egyptians online not feel sympathy or sad for the death of those ladies because they are in the end MB sheep that were ready to die for the return of Morsi. Oh yes this is what is being said and there is even more like : they are terrorists who killed other Egyptians thus they deserve to die all whether woman or child !! They are not Egyptians , they are loyal to the international Muslim brotherhood thus they should be eliminated from our land.
There is also the classical comments like : Why they brought women to the protests !! Women should be in women and they are hiding behind women
I am sorry for using this language but this is what is being said and spread like fire in the social media and the mainstream media from TV channels and newspapers. People buy it.
I do not care about the MB leading figures or guidance office , screw them 10000 times but, those ladies are Egyptians in the end of the day who should not have killed in this way. This hate spreading not only targets MB members and their families but also Islamist in general.
The polarization and gap created in time of Morsi thanks to the Muslim brotherhood is increasing in a fearful way. We do not need a military intervention from the army or a ministry for national reconciliation now but rather a divine intervention. It is dangerous because you know both sides do not want to give up an concessions , both sides are insisting their sides .. and both are also armed and ready to die to prove that they are victims and martyrs. A side thinks it owns the martyrdom certificate while the other owns the patriotism certificate.
In the end blood is a river in Egypt. Our people died , die and will continue to die in vain. The rights of those ladies will be forever lost like those who were killed in the past 3 years in Egypt including those who killed in Manial , Giza , Sinai and since the start of the 25 revolution. Like any other case all political figures and parties are demanding investigation and justice and like any other case in Egypt it will see none.
Again blood is like denial , just another a river in Egypt


  1. To be honest the MOI + thugs are responsible for the killing of these women. It seems the MOI deliberately didnt secure the rally because most of the thugs who attacked these women rally are MOI hired thugs.

  2. Besides these women who have been killed, mention should also be made about the Copts in Najaa Hassaw, Dirgia, Arish, Marsa Matrouh, Mar Mina Church, etc., who have been slaughtered and tortured to death, their houses burned to the ground, people being harrassed and threatened just because they are Christian. When will this all stop?

  3. the obvious fact now is that these are governemnt death squads. the moi and their thugs are attacking protestors. the military and their snipers are shooting civilians. This is the government killing the people not stupid internecine violence but state organised killing. The government of the new president and vice president are killing their people. what a nice coup this is.

  4. Blood is blood, and life lost is life lost. It's just as when the massacre happened in Luxor in 1997, international media focused on tourists who lost their life - "forgetting" the egyptians who also lost their life.

    Agree totally, this is responsibility by the police, not the army - and MB must themselves also take their part of the responsibility, although the tugs are the one doing the killings, by 'order' or not.

    Yes, seen a bit from the 'outside' these days - I'm concerned about the rivers of blood, but I'm more concerned that all those who want a real democracy now in Egypt, is not loosing unity.

    Differences is important, but it should not be able to split those who want a real democracty into fractions. So I do hope that all are able to focus on the smallest common multiple. Unity and diversity is not enemies, and I pray different opinions can be fruitful, and not become fractions that are not able to pull together. If diversity and respect within a unity become impossible, then I'm afraid the river of blood just will enter it's flood season ...

  5. No to defend the MOI but have you ever heard of any Police in the world securing a moving protest? A sit it sure. but a moving protest? and one purposely moving towards bullets? I personally hate the MOI but I would have been pissed if one of them got killed securing those idiots walking to their death for Morsi!


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