Saturday, July 13, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar-4

It is our 4th night with the cruel king Zanzibar of Fire island. Before you go and listen to tonight’s episode , you can refresh your memory with the past episodes here.

Now here is the 295th night in our Egyptian radio nights.

The old player is after the break for those who have technical problems with the HTML 5 player.


The Island of fire turned to be neighboring a kingdom of Jinn in the sea. Those Jinn “from believers” live under the sea and are ruled by another mighty called Bahrain. King Bahrain just like Zanzibar could not bear a child till he tried some sort of a magical potion. His wife , the Queen has become pregnant and soon she will give a birth

His vizier Atlas visited the kingdom of Zanzibar as a human and saw the misery of the cruel that does not only punish those who dare and laugh in his island but also decided to execute their first baby boys !!

Atlas , disguised as dervish visited the sad cruel king court to give him a ring , a magical ring that will make him laugh. The wise Jinn trying to do good then returns to his sea kingdom and to tell his king the story of Zanzibar. King Bahrain then decides to share the magical potion on the condition one year passes so he and his vizier see if Zanzibar becomes kind and deserves that potion or he will continue to be ass.

At the same time the Queen gives to the heir of the Jinn kingdom : Prince Amar El Din “The hero of our story”

And One year passes ….. Scheherazade sleeps and you come tomorrow to Egyptian Chronicles tomorrow at the same time in order to know what happened to Zanzibar after one. Will he be a good king or will continue to be a cruel king ?

I believe that Hassan El Barody narrated the role of vizier Atlas.   

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