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#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar "Ep.16,17 & 18"

Dear readers, I am sorry that I have not posted any episode of the Ramadan Arabian Nights in the past few days. I do not need to explain the reason why I did not post the episodes in those days.

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book  illustrations

From Anton Pieck's Arabian Nights book 

Without any sophisticated introductions here are triple bill episodes, yes we should catch up with Ramadan as well our tale, the tale of prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar.

First, you have to remember now is where we stopped. Click here to refresh your memory with last week’s episode.

Second here are the 16th, 17th and 18th episodes of our tale after the break. 

Episode 16th

Episode 17th

Episode 18th


Episode 16 :

Wicked Nagm El Din is angry after knowing all the princes of other kingdoms are seeking the hand of princess Amar El Din. His wicked father, Vizier Zanger got a wicked plan. Already there is a tough competition and King Zanzibar will be embarrassed to choose a specific prince over the other. Thus he tells his king the answer is to set up a quest, an impossible one. 

That impossible quest is to bring for the king the crown of the mighty viper within two months. Zanger believes that all the princes will fail in this mission and thus his son can seek the hand of the princess in marriage easily.

Nagm El Din tries in vain to win the heart of the princess that hates his guts and kick him out of her palace.

Back in the underwater world, prince Amar El Din of Jinn is desperate for sadness. His family believes that the answer to his agony is in the oblivion pills made by their own high priest.

Episode 17 :

To end their son’s misery, the king and queen of Jinn’s underwater world decided to lie to their son and tell him that he will not turn into a human if he marries the human princess Amar El Din. 

After knowing that he can marry his beloved princess, Amar El Din hurries to Amar El Din in her palace. There he knows about the quest as well the plans of Wicked Nagm El Din. Jinn Amar El Din decides to accept the challenge and to get the crown of the mighty viper. 

Of course, he got leverage, he is a jinn. Fearing on the prince’s life, loyal vizier Atlas tells him to give him two days to find the crown.

Episode 18 :

After 2 days vizier Atlas returns to the prince disappointed, he can not find the crown. Thus the prince decides to search for it on his own. 

His father, the king decides to send Atlas with him. Together the two Jinns search the whole globe but in vain except one desert. There they find a man who tells them to find a crown, they have to take the tears road but there is a catch. It is one main road, Amar El Din can not be accompanied by anyone except himself.

Accepted his fate Amar El Din takes the road alone. 

Completely deserted, Amar El Din thought that he was lost in nowhere, till he listened to a crying voice. Following that voice he finds a hut where a dying dervish is crying. The dervish asks him to give him some water in order to tell him his story and why he is crying like that.

Till next night inshallah.

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