Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#Ramadan Karim From Egyptian Chronicles

And today is Ramadan’s eve. Yes just couple of hours and we will start the holy month of Ramadan for 30 days.

I wish that Ramadan this year would save Egypt and Egyptians from that destructive hate spreading all over the nation. 
I am praying to God this month to bring peace and stability as well mercy to this country.
May Allah bless the souls of our martyrs and all those fallen victims in the past few weeks. May Allah bring patience to their families. May Allah bring back their rights.
It is just strange because it does not feel like Ramadan this year. Of course I am praying that people forget their political differences and pay attention to TV soap operas for the first time so politicians can do their job for real.
It is just strange because since 2011 Ramadan in Egypt was different. In 2011 we were under SCAF rule and we remember what happened when a group of activists tried to have a breakfast in Tahrir square. Then in 2012 we had a new president but Ramadan changed completely when our soldiers were slaughtered in cold blood in North Sinai. Up till now we do not know officially from the Egyptian state who killed them despite the unofficial news about Hamas’ involvement.
FYI the Morsi supporters will complete their sit in in Raba’a Al Adaawaya square in Ramadan.
Anyhow I will stop and I will Ramadan Karim for all the world from the talkative Chronicler.
P.S Ramadan Karim means Ramadan is generous in Arabic ;)


  1. Sorry Zenobia as a big time kafir Ramadan is no more than starving and then gluttony which is most unhealthy and why would a so called god wants us to eat in a very unhealthy way? Let me guess because there is no Allah

    However, if you wish to fast then go for it but I would rather have my cold Stella beer

  2. God bless you and yours during this holy time.

  3. May all the martyrs' souls RIP. At least they're in a better place than us. And Ramdan Kareem to you dear, Zey :)

  4. Ramadan kareem, Z! Utmost blessings to you and all Egyptians.

    @Anon your post was so uncalled for and if anything shows how intolerance and fanatic behavior is not only limited to religious folks but atheists, too! That is not how a normal human would reply to a holiday greetings post. Respect others' beliefs if you want yours (or lack of) to be respected.

    1. I think it is funny when the holier than thou crowd preach

      >@Anon your post was so uncalled for

      Since when is telling the truth "uncalled for"? The so called Ramadan fasting is very unhealthy you can prove me wrong and tell me why would not eating and not drinking water more so in the heat of the summer in Egypt (where you can get dehydrated so easily)makes any health sense

      And more damaging to your case if God would want us to feel how poor people (the many that make $2 per day in Egypt) feel we should all be fasting all year

      > and if anything shows how intolerance and fanatic behavior

      Intolerance and fanatic behavior is calling us kuffar and if you would have read what i wrote with care you would have discovered that I wrote "If you wish to fast go for it" so you tell me where is the intolerance or even fanaticism?

      >is not only limited to religious folks but atheists,

      Now you tell me did you really understand what i wrote to her? How many times do I have to tell you that I have no difficulty with those that believe that a God would ask his followers to starve and then eat as if there is no more tomorrow but they should be made aware of such fact

      > too! That is not how a normal human would reply to a holiday greetings post.

      Now we are switching topics You see Laila your problem is that you realize that what i say is true right? so you tell me is this Ramadan fasting a healthy thing?

      >Respect others' beliefs if you want yours (or lack of) to be respected.

      Then prove me wrong why is that difficult but I would rather drink my cold water and stay hydrated as well as my cold Stella beer

  5. Whoops! I forgot to wish Ramadan Kareem to all my friends reading this Amazing blog (you know who you are)!

    Please take advantage of this great opportunity to ditch bad habits (smoking, drinking, excess sugary foods), detoxify, focus on your spirituality and spend quality times with your loved ones. In the end, Ramadan is what you make out of it; so don't waste it.

    PS: ignore the troll above me.

    <3 Laila

    1. Laila really likes to preach and if things do not go her way she writes

      >PS: ignore the troll above me.

      No the one that should be ignored is she who preaches


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