Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And The witch hunt against #Elbaradei is on once again

This is what vice President Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted earlier today in Arabic

It seems that my work to make the nation avoid violence does not reach to the state owned newspapers .. except op-eds and reports about how dangerous I am on the people and the state. The way in front of us is long and hard.
The vice president was speaking about what Gamal El Ghitani , the famous writer wrote in a whole page in Tuesday issue of state owned Al Akhbar attacking him and describing him as a danger on Egypt.
Ironically the current editor in chief of Akhbar Hassan El Banna “Not related to the MB” did not let El Ghitani write in the paper during the MB days now , he lets him to write a full page slamming ElBaradei.
The contradictions of ElBaradei By El Ghitani
What Gamal El Ghitani wrote in Akhbar was the latest episode in the new season of “ElBaradei :The enemy” that has been running since the days of Mubarak !! For the past three weeks Mohamed ElBaradei has been under a furious attack in the media.
Of course a common factor between all those who attack ElBaradei that they are the same old Pro-Mubarak Pro-Military Anti-Revolution Faces like Ahmed Moussa , Tawfik Okasha , Magdy El Gald , Mostafa Bakry and Amr Adeeb. This is besides the marathons of the anti-ElBaradei op-eds in the newspapers from that camp.
Of course when someone too close to the military like Mostafa Bakry opens his mouth ranting against ElBaradei to know that there is trouble, huge trouble in Mount Olympus.
The Pro-Mubarak Pro-Military Conspiracy theorists online and offline  are back saying ElBaradei is a Zionist Muslim brotherhood secret member who is going not only destroy Egypt, but rather to destroy the Egyptian army !! Yes ElBaradei is now a secret international Muslim brotherhood agent “Along with Barack Obama and Tawakol Karman too !!”
Definitely things are not good in mount Olympus. 
It seems that ElBaradei and his team “at least from their statements” are not on good terms with the old deep state. At least this is what I understood from his interview Sherif Amar. I paid attention to what he said when he spoke about how his talks in the Homeland security council was leaked and how the meeting between EU Foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and ousted president Mohamed Morsi. There is something wrong without doubt.
Last week there was a strong rumor that Mohamed ElBaradei threatened to resign if the Rabaa and Nahda sit ins are dispersed by the use of force against the law and international human rights standards. ElBaradei made it clear there is no other way for this except through a full national reconciliation based on the law with no exclusion or dehumanization of anyone.
He also made it to both the Mubarak loyalists and Morsi loyalists that we are not going backwards but rather forward in our way for a new democracy. He also said the words that made the Mubarak loyalists angry as usual “30 June is a wave to correct the 25 January revolution”.
The Mubarak loyalists are bold enough to describe now what happened on 25 January revolution as a setback as the 1967 defeat.
It is not a big secret that ElBaradei wants a peaceful political solution that ends the crisis with no use of excessive force. ElBaradei wants politics according to the international  standards while we got a deep state that wants the old police state.
He is also realistic to know if we want a true democratic Egypt and fulfill the true 25 January revolution we need an inclusive political plan and not to return back to the old practices of both regimes especially the Mubarak regime. He wants true democratic reforms, but others want thing to return to 24 January 2011.
Still unfortunately ElBaradei speaks to a specific group of Egyptians and not all Egyptians. We still suffer from the Messiah leading figure complex as well the populism curse.  
Some people are extremely angry that ElBaradei does not want to squash the Muslim brotherhood and erase them from earth.
Many people I meet today believe that either ElBaradei is going to resign soon, or he is going to be assassinated “heavens forbid”.
General Abdel Fatah El Sisi needs ElBaradei whether inside or outside because he is the only man that can make many people trust what happened in Egypt was for the sake of democracy and not for the sake of power. If there is no ElBaradei in the picture , it will be another third world country coup.
p.s : Today Al Akhbar’s Front page headline was “Chemical weapons in Rabaa sit in”
Chemical weapons in Rabaa and Al Nahda "Haitham El Tabi"


  1. El Baradei is correct while those denouncing his efforts to generate a rational solution to the difficulty are wrong. It is a case where someone how espouses reason, dialogue, and a more nonviolent approach is assailed by demagogues bent of perpetuating an endless cycle of repression and violence through promoting an atmosphere of militarized fascism.

    The problem cannot be solved through the same mentality that created it. An approach based on the idea of physically destroying “enemies” cannot bring peace. People afflicted by such a thought process while always look for another foe or even create one once they original target is gone.

    The people advocating the forcible liquidation of the sit-ins cannot be trusted by real democrats, not matter what they claim. Say they eliminate the Brotherhood through the slaughter and persecution of its members, can anyone truly trust them NOT to repress labor activism, or youth revolutionaries? The attacks against an actual advocate of democracy, like El Baradei, suggest they answer is an obvious no. The Third Square keeps be proven more and more correct. Both “sides” that are bent on fighting each other are two components to the same coin. Both love the idea of a monopoly on the power of the state and have serious trouble accepting the idea of allowing an opposition to exist.

    It is obvious that they want to do the following: Move in force against the sit-ins and destroy them. Then, argue that the violence in Sinai is connected to a Brotherhood plot and that the Bhood itself has went underground into an insurgency even if it does not such thing. Then, outlaw any party claimed to be remotely associated with them. Once this is complete, keep hyping up a state of emergency and put forward excuses as to why economic and political reforms can’t be enacted. Then, fabricate arguments to repress those supporting said reforms. Meanwhile, keep pouring money into those supportive of the exploitative military-economic complex.

    However, if the pro-nepotism, pro-police state factions start persecuting the liberals and socialists, they will bring about their own collapse at least as fast as Morsi did.

    The fact that Mubarak loyalists compare Jan 25 to 1967 shows how deluded they are. Jan 25 was progress, not regression.

    No form of police state is a viable solution, be it in a fundamentalist form or that of a military fascism. No argument in favor of returning to repression is compelling.

  2. Calling the Junta Mount Olympus is absolutely brilliant.

  3. The premise here is that he did good?

    I don't think that aligning your self to the Military and actively participating in a Military coup is a bases of good intentions.

    It is no surprise that once the Military is done with the MB that they will turn around and attack the so called Liberals.

    If he is too stupid to know that then I am sorry he is not the man that the Liberals claim he is, He is no Messiah of freedom, he in the end got to power riding on tanks.

    1. Can you name some Egyptian liberals for me so I can look them up and find out if they're really liberals?

  4. hahahaha LOL @ chemical weapons thing but still "Mo5tfyeen zahnyeen" is funnier :P
    i wonder what their next rumor would be :Aliens in Rabaa or zombies!!

    i once used to respect that man so-called " ElBaradei" but he turned out to be just someone who wants to reach power by any means like the rest!!and he is just good at tweets!!

    el sar7a bafr7 aweeee lama el anqalbyeen ya2blo 3la ba3ed yalla hanet :D

  5. what among the actions of ElBaradei constitutes grabbing power.
    Is it because he is trying to include the MB in the political process? Is it because he is trying to resolve the situation without blood shed and preserve the rights of the all citizens? Or because he agreed to participate in a government that only lasts few months more while planning not to run for any other political office? YOU ARE SO Brilliant to deduct his dictatorship power grabbing intentions from these actions.

    1. nope its because he rode to unelected power on the back of a tank ..

    2. Khaled, Are you serious?

      He never contested, yet alone won an election. He got to power via a coup. Those who ride the tiger get eaten by it.

    3. Hmm what amongst his actions constitutes grabbing power... Tough question...perhaps the act of grabbing power through a military coup

    4. what among the actions of ElBaradei constitutes grabbing power.

      taking it down the barrel of a gun through a military coup for starters.

    5. So you have x ray vision, and you can see ElBaradei consolidating power for his own benefit. For example he is controlling the media who are singing his praises and putting his family and party members in key positions so that his reign continues for years. Oh ya maybe controlling the army and police to protect his limitless powers. Obviously, I was serious but you were not.

  6. http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/mohamed-elbaradei-on-democracy-in-egypt-there-is-no-turning-back-now-a-741322.html

    ElBaradei: We should stop demonizing the Muslim Brotherhood. It is incorrect that our only choice is between oppression under Mubarak and the chaos of religious extremists. I have many differences with the Muslim Brotherhood. But they have not committed any acts of violence in five decades. They too want change. If we want democracy and freedom, we have to include them instead of marginalizing them.

    ElBaradei: It is quite possible that my country is facing a phase of instability. Freedom has its price. But everyone, from the Marxists to the Muslim Brotherhood, agrees that stability has to be our goal.

    What place is there for mild-mannered and not very intelligent marxists such as El Baradei, in a country like Egypt?

  7. Are we supposed to get down on our knees and thank him? It seems that is the expectation he has.

    Dr. Elbaradei is now a public official and the people are entitled to hold him accountable.

    The only problem is that once again, we have somebody running the show in the background without any real or concrete responsibilities that the people can either hold him accountable for or measure his performance by. Other examples are Gamal Mubarak and Khariat El Shater, both ran the country without direct accountability to the people.

    Dr. Elbaradei holds a position which was tailored for him. It is general and vague. Transparency and accountability is we need in Egypt today.

  8. May I respectfully suggest that everybody here who thinks that el Baradei is anything other than Washington's man in Cairo read Walter Lippman's "Public Opinion."

    Egyptians dont need to have somebody in power whom they can hold responsible, the Egyptian people NEED TO BE THE POWER. Direct, participatory self-government! Anything less is tyranny. Fascism [Mubarak] and bourgeois democracy [elBaradei] are but two different hats worn by the economic elites. IT IS THEY WHO MUST BE OVERTHROWN.

    1. You know Mr. Fryett, communism considers Bourgeois an obscene word. Lets for the sake of argument agree with them. Lets now try to find one action or statement indicating elitism or marginalizing the working class that ElBaradei made or said. Unless you consider BREAD, FREEDOM AND SOCIAL JUSTICE exclusive priveleges only for the likes of you.


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