Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Eid Fitr From Egyptian Chronicles

Happy Eid from Egyptian Chronicles to all the readers celebrating Eid El Fitr around the globe.
Of course this year the Eid comes in very intense time in Egypt.I do not know this post to be serious, but I can not keep politics out of it.

The MB pro-Morsi protesters are keeping their spirits high in Raba'a sit in , the housewives there even baked Eid cookies there at the sit in. The cookies they baked had a political message. 
From Raba'a : Cookies say "Morsi is my president", "Islamic"&"anti-coup"
Not so surprisingly the Pro-military supporters from housewives had to fire back too.
Counter MB Cookies : Egypt El Sisi aka Egypt CC Cookies

Happy Eid El Fitr 2013 

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