Friday, August 9, 2013

Jonathan Rashad Presents : Raba’a .. on the eve of Eid

01. Rabaa Sit-in

Talented photographer Jonathan Rashad was in Raba’a sit last Wednesday night capturing shots from the Eid’s eve in the sit in.


  1. If the flash plugin doesn't work, you can see Jonathan Rashad's excellent Eid photos here:

  2. El Shorouk newspaper is running an article saying that the magazine Foreign Policy says that El Sisi's decisions are patriotic. But just take a look at this article from Foreign Policy:

    I've become so disilliusioned with Egyptian media. Bunch of lies just to make a particular point. I'm especially saddened by El Shorouk. I thought it was the only decent news source in masr and that Ibrahim al Moellem was an honest person. Now everyone sells out their principles to please those in power. Can't believe how they've treated Wael Qandil. At least we all now know that Wael Qandil is a responsible journalist and editor who says that truth no matter who it pleases or offends.

  3. Oh, Mr. Anonymous. Who gives a S**T what a writer in Foreign Policy says. Or what 100 writers in America, in Turkey, or in Qatar say.

    Egypt is not a province in any of these countries, and their demented leaders and their ignorant writers should shut up and just look around their own neighborhood. There is lots of garbage to keep them busy over there.

    We, the Egyptians, are the ones who suffered from the idiotic and thuggish behavior of Mursi and his ilk, and we are the ones who will work harder to keep them out of our lives forever. This time, they are not only fighting the ruling elite, while keeping the people's sympathy. They are fighting those sympathatic Egyptian people, and doing their best to ruin their own future. Elh.


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