Saturday, August 10, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar-28,29&30

I apologize for the delay in posting the rest of our tale’s episodes. I was facing technical problems in the past few days prevented me from posting the files online. Anyhow here we are in Eid and I have managed to upload the files and they are working fine.

First things first , you should refresh your memory and remember what happened last Arabian night.

Second here are the last episodes with the synopsis :

Episode 28

Princess Amar El Din ran away with her maid from the kingdom in order to find the Lovers island meanwhile evil vizier Zangir failed in poisoning her sad depressed father. Amar and her maid disguised as men , as merchants and rented a poor fisherman boat to get to that unknown island. After couple of days and bad storm , they found the island. A beautiful tropical island in the middle of unknown sea where lovers come to complain about departure.There they met an old sheikh called Emotions who told them that Prince Amar El Din was in the end crying day and night for his beloved Amar. He told them that they could find in the sad Lovers parade at sunset 

The fisherman was famous late comedian Mohamed Rada by the way.

Episode 29

The Lovers parade started forcing both the princess and her maid to cry. They met Prince Amar El Din and the two lovers met once again.Princess Amar El Din told him to return with her to the kingdom as her dad King Zanzibar had approved their marriage.

The lovers returned to find out that people were leaving the island as Zangir killed the king and became the king. Amar El Din vowed to avenge for the king but the princess asked him to take her to her dad’s grave.

Episode 30

Of course King Zanzibar was not dead , the poison was not a poison but rather a drug that would make him like a dead man. He woke up in the tomb by the high priest who calmed him down and told him the truth about the truth of the poison.

At the same time Prince Amar El Din and Princess Amar El Din went to confront Zangir ,they met king Zanizbar. Zangir was killed and his son was killed.. by the people. King Zanzibar announced to the public that he stepped down leaving the throne to Prince Amar El Din.

Amar El Din told princess Amar El Din about the truth that he was a Jinn. Of course he was shocked that he turned in to a human as a result of marrying a princess. Nevertheless they lived happily ever after.

That’s for this Ramadan Arabian Nights folks , insh Allah next season will be Ramadan Arabian nights in 2014.

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  1. Hi - I was never able to finish listening to all of the episodes, when I tried this morning the content was not available...just wondering if I can can still get them somehow.



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