Saturday, September 14, 2013

And #ElBaradei has become the enemy of #Jan25 and #June30

Here is Ahram Arabi magazine’s cover for this week.
The magazine publishes the blacklists of the 25 January revolution and 30 June revolution enemies and members of the fifth column. The cover includes a group of photos for public figures; some of them are Muslim brotherhood supporters and some of them are not Muslim brotherhood supporters but rather democracy supporters.

Among the photos and the names featured in that blacklist : Mohamed ElBaradei “yeah ElBaradei is from the enemies of the revolution !!” , Amr Hamzawy , columnist Balel Fadl and singer Hamza Namira !!
I have not read the rest of the names as it seems that it has not been published online yet but you can say it is a mix between the Islamists and Pro-Democracy faces in Egypt including the faces that criticized publicly the policies of the current regime. ElBaradei’s resignation because of the use of force in dispersing the Raba’a and Nahdaa sit it , Hamzawy’s criticism to the dispersal as well the McCarthyism in Egypt and Balel Fadl’s recent firing op-eds in Al Shorouk warning from any future dictatorship “Here is a translated example for one of his latest op-eds” earned them a spot in the blacklist !!
They even included Mohamed Abu Tarika because he supports the Muslim brotherhood !!
The state-owned magazine publishes a blacklist for public figures as fifth column and as enemies for the revolutions of January and June. This means something for sure if you connect the dots to that campaign working perfectly in the media to defame 25 January revolution.
There is even an active hashtag on twitter called “Fifth_Column” in Arabic where people share the names of those agents sabotaging Egypt and its army from public figures and human rights activists.
The list of the fifth column that works against the nation and the army for the sake of the Muslim brotherhood and United State include the following : Mohamed ElBaradei , Amr Hamzawy , Reem Magued, Yosri Fouda , Wael Ghonim , Mahmoud Saad “He returned back to air recently on the same channel” , Mona Seif, Alaa Seif , April 6 Youth movement members , Israa Adel Fatah , Wael Abbas , Asmaa Mahfouz and revolutionary socialists. These are the primary 25 January suspects in Egypt.
According to the people who are keeping this hashtag active , the fifth column agent is anyone who dares to speak about his rejection to human rights abuse and state of emergency as well to that “War against terrorism” rhetoric and military trials and above them military/police state !! Of course in their view all these points mean that you are against the army thus you are a fifth column that wants to bring the Egyptian state down after the fall of Syria and Iraq.
Ironically most of these names “except Wael Abbas” supported the 30 June and called for it.
In short these names are those who supported the original 25 January revolution and stood against the violations of SCAF. Of course there are other similar hash tags now on twitter like “The January Setback” as people buy more of the conspiracy talk.
Sadly enough this McCarthyism flourishing in Egypt is forcing to people to rethink their positions and even fear to express their opinions freely online or offline as before for fear of the backlash.
Reem Mageud’s TV show is stopped on ONTV for no apparent reason , of course I can not imagine someone like her appearing in the channel now. Wael Ghonim does not update Kolena Khaled Said Facebook page , in fact he does not update his own Facebook page for God sake !!
All this makes the youth that believes in the revolution disappointed and desperate , their voices are not heard because the people will attack anyone who say anything different. Some young people I know unfortunately believe that the deep state of Mubarak has won and there is no other option except to leave the country.
Of course it is a long road but you can not blame them when all the media whether TV or radio or press or even social media is full of Ultra-nationalism,McCarthyism and old ugly faces from Mubarak’s era returning back. People are affected by this extensive propaganda.
It is a long road but you not blame them because they are now trapped between two hells with no third road to escape , with no hope , with no true leadership that can inspire and unit them once again. They want to revive their hope once again.
ElBaradei has left Egypt and is back to the blacklist of the State owned media after being the Vice president of Egypt. Unfortunately that old man was the one that used to give young people hope for true change.
We need a new hope.


  1. It is too bad that there is no acceptance of the fact that it is fine to disagree and that the idea that if you do not agree with me then you must be my enemy and the enemy of Egypt. And indeed Egyptians have a problem that if you want to have democracy then you must understand that you have to respect opinions of others and protect their rights to express themselves

    You draw the line when an opinion harm other human beings. I have no difficulty when loony salafists the likes of Assem Abd el-Maged the terrorist to tell us that he hates the this and the that but if he incites violence and violence indeed takes place and human beings are harmed then he is a criminal

    See? Egyptians have to learn first what is really democracy and freedom of speech

  2. This is extremely repulsive. People who actually were and remain opponents of the January 25, 2011 revolution now routinely accuse some of Egypt's greatest political leaders of being "enemies of the revolution."

    For someone to on the hand speak there being a Jan 25 "setback" and then disingenuously argue that various individuals are against Jan 25 and June 30 is such a simple minded tactic that it is insulting to the public's intelligence.

    It is extremely important that people do not allow themselves to be intimidated by these aspiring terrorist authoritarians. The day will come when their antics become impossible for most to tolerate.

    Further proof that kleptocracy, militarism, and ultranationalism are not reason-based modes of thought.

  3. When will this yellow journalism be exposed for the sham it is.
    Those accusing others of being traitors and agents are themselves the traitors, they betrayed the truth to begin with.
    This is not to defend one person or another but to condemn this cheap and despicable character assassination.
    Those who listen to this drivel will be the first to suffer if they cannot see this as a harbinger of dark times. They are sheep headed to the slaughter with their own volition and cheering the fascists.

  4. There are two possible explanations as to why these sources would continuously argue that supporters of democracy are “foes” of Jan 25 and June 30: they are either conformist fascists or secret or open supporters of the former NDP. Not long ago, millions rallied to the calls of Mona Seif and several others on this absurd list. Who would want them to be seen as “traitors,” “terrorists,” or “fifth columnists?” Who has been fighting against them and the Kefaya movement for several years? Not the socialists, not the liberals, not the Americans, not even the Ikwan.

    In their Orwellian, narcissist arrogance, the anti-democrats would create a stationary system in which all power and wealth belongs to themselves, as they have tried to do for more than 30 years. To them, no alienable rights whatsoever exist, except to a dictatorial elite constituting a slight fraction of the population.

    One might note that deaths arising from state directed violence, even in recent months, has greatly exceeded the amount killed by the Sinai insurgents and all forms of non-state terrorism in the same period of time. Taking the long view over several decades, the record of murder and torture from the deep state’s minions and enablers becomes even worse. There is also a disturbing chance of a repetition of the repression seen at Mahallah.

  5. OK did you ever hear of the old KISS principal? If you do not then look it up.
    Hint: you need to keep it simple otherwise you will be the only one reading what you already wrote

    1. The post structure makes it unclear whether this was a reply to my post, but will take its content into account either way.

  6. I don't see any "two" fires! It is just one fire who 30june idiots lead us to!

  7. Yousf who is an enabler of el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen wrote

    >I don't see any "two" fires!

    Then you need to get your vision checked as well as your hearing because the criminal and clueless Morsi said that if he is forced out of office then his terrorist and criminal followers will set Egypt on fire! Right? And do us a favor it is Yousef

    And you know what? the government of Egypt and the families of the victims be it policemen or recruits as well as the Copts should go after the terrorist group called el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen in a court of law for financial compensation for all the fires that were set and all the damage that took place and I can assure you that el-ikhwan el-mugrimmen would go bankrupt

    As for the criminal Morsi he should be taken to the international court at the Hague for inciting all of this criminal violence

    >It is just one fire who 30june idiots lead us to!

    The idiot is he who is an enabler of el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen

    The real Egyptian revolution was on June 30 and if you do not like it then move and live among the creepy Wahhabis and good riddance

    Shame on you

  8. IN 2009 at his Cairo address, Obama made it clear that he supported the Muslim Brotherhood - he invited ten members - there they heard a passage of his speech, outlined and crafted especially for them. The speech and his refusing to aid Mubarak during the Tahrir Square protests, all but guaranteed the MB would a dominant political force, in Obama's new Egypt. Enter ElBaradei - I've tracked him from the beginning, since I was very familiar with the International Crisis Group from whence he arrived in Egypt. ElBaradei has never, thoughout the whole Egyptian conflict, ever said a negative word about the MB, in fact, he resigned because of the army's treatment toward them. ElBaradei and Anne Patterson are two peas in a pod, in that, they follow their leader's policies, no matter where it leads, they like their big paychecks. El-Baradei is a traitor to his country and I believe he deserves the fifth columnist rating, ino, he's an obama aka corporate agent.

    1. No matter how it is spun, any attempt to sustain the Mubarak dictatorship by external powers would have constituted a crime against humanity. Aiding Mubarak would obviously have indicated hatred of the revolutionaries and resulted in a great many more of their deaths. There is no way to claim to support freedom in the Middle East while resisting a nonviolent uprising by the population demanding very basic rights.

      It is simply impossible to put Elbaradei and Mubarak on the same plane of morality. Whatever his faults, Elbaradei does not come anywhere close to Mubarak decades long record of murder, torture, persecution, and deceit. Mubarak was one example of rule through fear and terror: in a word, a terrorist. His supposed patriotism? If he loved Egypt, why did his friends condescendingly deny that Egypt was ready to rule itself and needed dictatorial "guardians" to handle anything?


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