Friday, September 6, 2013

#Sinai : Abu Draa is not a terrorist

Yesterday we had other alarming news that should you make wonder where Egypt is heading to and here I am not speaking about the terrorist attack against the minister of interior , I am speaking about another news.
Sinai based and international award wining journalist Ahmed Abu Draa has turned to be arrested by the army since last Wednesday and will be referred to a military trial.
 People found out the shocking truth when the photo of Abu Draa was published in Al Youm News website among other detainees labeled as a terrorist !! He is the man wearing white shirt and Jeans.
Like a criminal , Abu Draa stood in white shirt and jeans
Ironically Youm 7 had published from couple months a report with a picture for Ahmed Abu Draa after receiving a Samir Kassir Journalism Award for 2013 for his report about human trafficking in Sinai.

Now and then
Abu Draa is also from the well known reporters in Egypt to work with international news corporations and agencies.
Here is Abu Draa speaking in a video about his important that exposed how the security authorities are involved in the human trafficking in Sinai.
Abu Draa speaks about Samir Kassir award and how he got it.
On Thursday we knew that Abu Draa was being accused of spreading false claims about the army and was referred to a military trial. Abu Daraa was also being detained 15 days pending investigations.
Some say that the false claims are the report of Abu Draa in Al Masry Al Youm and ONTV about the strikes of the Egyptian army in North Sinai earlier this week. The official spokesperson claimed that the army killed and injured in air raids about 23 militants and destroyed some warehouses used by those militants.
In his report Abu Draa said the army’s Apache attack injured only 4 and destroyed houses and a mosque in that air raid.

Abu Draa was not the only reporter from Sinai to deny what the official army spokesperson claimed , other reporters “including reporters I trust like Mohamed Sabry and Mostafa Singer and other citizen journalists confirmed what he said and even went and took photos from the area that was attacked by the army !!!!
According Mostafa Singer , the famous and trusted journalist in Sinai Abu Draa was arrested when he went to the security HQ in Al Arish in order to seek the release of one of his relatives who had arrested from couple days ago. Abu Draa was transferred later to Ismailia.
Mostafa Singer and other journalists in North Sinai are trying their best to release their colleagues. Already these journalists are having an independent News Facebook page called “Sinai Now TV Channel” about the news of governorate. It is very important and active. Abu Draa was a member in the page that is going to be turned in to a full News portal soon.
Abu Draa in Tahrir square when it used to mean something

The page announced that it will suspend its work till the release of Abu Draa.
Ahmed Abu Daraa is the correspondent of ONTV and Al Masry Al m newspaper , both are in good terms with the army especially ONTV which many consider as the morale department’s official TV channel more than National TV !!
Of course none of them spoke about him up till now. Only other journalists including the journalists from Sinai were the ones who brought up the matter.
As we live in time Senator McCarthy would be proud of , you will find people attacking anyone speaks about how Ahmed Abu Daraa is not a terrorist by claiming that we know nothing and the Egyptian government knows best plus the army is fighting war against terrorism !!
Journalist and reporter Ahmed Abu Daraa is the second Egyptian journalist from Sinai to be referred to military court after journalist and dear friend Mohamed Sabry. Sabry’s military trial was the first military trial in time of ousted President Morsi. It has been adjourned for months now. Next court session should be next month.
I can not also forget that there are other journalists who are currently detained in jails , of course most of them are accused of being members in the Muslim brotherhood including Al Jazeera English reporter Mohamed El Shami.
I can not also forget the fact the people of North Sinai are speaking about the return of the arbitrary arrests campaigns in that war of terrorism there where innocent people are arrested and referred to military trials while they are not the real terrorists.
Ahmed Abu Draa is not a terrorist and regardless of what he has done , he should stand in front of his judge , a civilian judge and a civilian prosecution.
By the way the military trials for civilians article is untouched in the upcoming constitution , it was not amended by the 10-members technical committee.


  1. It took Morsi a few months to start eroding his own popularity. The same will happen to the Adly Mansour-Sisi gov.

    McCarthyism had its day for a time, but eventually tumbled down to become a cautionary byword. No force can save or indefinitely sustain a foundation constructed upon lies.

    The question is what will happen when their popularity craters like their predecessors. Will their successors continue their pattern by jailing and killing the supporters of Mansour and Sisi, or will they be more merciful?

  2. Why are you surprised after all absolute power absolutely corrupts and this is why Egypt needs a real constitution that protects the freedoms of all Egyptians and get the people to have their day in a civilian and not military court

    If those in power care about who is really a terrorist then they should know that the AP is doing their work by pointing to Saber Sarhan Asker as the leader of el-ikhwangiyya that attacked, looted and burnt the Delga's historical Virgin Church instead of pursuing Mr Ab Draa

  3. are you for real!


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