Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Kodak Agfa Co-Production : #Oct73War Anniversary in #Tahrir square

This small photo gallery is from Tahrir square last 6 October 2013. It is a co-production between Kodak Agfa and a dear friend of mine.
Of course the day ended in a very sad way despite all the celebrations and so on unfortunately.
Tahrir square is closed in front of protesting until further notice.
Some revolutionary youth are frustrated from its closure. Well Tahrir square was a bless and a curse on the 25 January as it limited the revolution thanks to the media , I still believe that the 25 January revolution and its goals from social justice , freedom and democracy should spread in all over the country from Rashid in the North to Hala’ib , from Rafah to Salloum. One of our bad mistakes is that we limited the revolution to become Tahrir  revolution and Tahrir youth.
Anyhow Symbols are still extremely important and this is why there is a battle over Tahrir between the Muslim brotherhood and the current regime over it. The MB is dying to reach there and the regime is closing in front of protesting.
Call me foolish and dreamy but I believe that the Egyptians will return to Tahrir square again .. just like the first time on 28 January 2011 when they overcome their political differences and ideologies for the real interest of a civilian modern Egypt based on democracy, justice and equality. The revolutionaries will be back when they learn their mistakes.
Tahrir square empty in the morning "Source"
All the respect and all the glory to the martyrs of the 1973 war and their grandchildren , the martyrs of Tahrir square.

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