Friday, October 25, 2013

And El Sisi Mania goes on and on

As if we are destined to see new levels of hypocrisy  when it comes to El Sisi Mania in Egypt every week. From cupcakes to chocolate to necklaces bearing the "CC" initials to endless columns and op-eds as well TV shows and interviews hailing the new idol of the Nile valley in the Egyptian mainstream media .
Whenever you think this will stop , you will be shocked on how some will go far.
This week in al Akhbar daily newspaper columnist Akram El Saadani demanding no mercy for those spreading chaos in Egypt taking example from England riots and that Egypt needs a leader like General El Sisi. Of course what said about England riots was from another world including the claim that the army aided the police to take control of London. "Cameron said that he may use the army in future riots only"

 He is free to say and claim what he wanted of course this but he concluded op-ed with the following words :
Do whatever You want El Sisi as the poet told Caliph El Hafiz of Egypt 
Rule, you are the One ,the Subduer.*
Rule as if you were like Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" and your supporters are Like Ansar !!
*"The One , the Subduer" are from the names of Almighty God known in the Islamic beliefs as Al Asmaa Al Hosna and usually associated with God and not humans.
This is a new level indeed , comparing Abdel Fatah El Sisi to God Almighty and Prophet Mohamed !!! No one will top El Saadani I believe in the hypocrisy wall of shame !!!

 By the way, there are beliefs spreading especially among middle class and low class ladies that General El Sisi is mentioned in the Holy Quran !! It is no surprise actually because I have seen tweets on twitter by El Sisi fans claiming that Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” prophesized the general’s coming as the new leader of the Muslim world !!!!!!!
This is besides the messages sent through the military Facebook pages and the alleged officers twitter Sisi to God and Prophet Mohamed, Comparing to Omar is nothing .
Some El Sisi Pro-Nationalist Anti-American poster
accounts that Egypt needs another Omar !! Of course after comparing El El
So much for a revolution allegedly took place to stop the abuse of religion in politics by the Muslim brotherhood !!!
We used to criticize and mock how the Muslim brotherhood and Islamists turn Morsi in to a holy figure blessed by Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” and the Holy Spirit but now we are not allowed to criticize those turning El Sisi in to a false God !!
It is just scary , the man has not been elected yet as a president not to mention he did not say that he would run yet. “Reuters is claiming that the general now is leaning to towards the idea , especially that the officers of the army are supporting the idea”
You can imagine how things will be if the general becomes a president !!
By the way I meet people everyday now from the general's admirers who believe that he saved Egypt for real , those people actually believe that it is better to have him as minister of defense than there president. "It will be stupidity from him to run for the presidency , we need him as minister of defense more urgently now" I swear I heard this view from people in the street from different backgrounds. 
Nevertheless the counter view , the growing one says that Egypt needs a strongman to restore order and that there is no other contender against the general nor there is other alternative than the army and the general. This view does not see the fact that the general is just a human not a god that will save Egypt from its deadly problems. This view does not see the fact that the problems of Egypt do not a charismatic 1960s style leader from the military institution as much it needs a true political and social as well economic revolution to save the Egyptian state itself from decay.
Back to El Sisi-mania, I hope that what Sandmony aka Mahmodu Salem said in his column this week in Daily News Egypt will be true and it begins to fade.


  1. What will happen if Sisi is eventually tried and indicted by the ICC? Such a scenario cannot be entirely ruled out, as it has played out in other countries experiencing conflict among political factions. Seems doubtful his political or even military career could withstand that, as his image is built mostly on worship rather his own actions.

    1. Millions took streets in numbers exceeded those who were there in june 30 just responding to his call, surely wouldn't let him. they would sacrifice their lives for him. believe me.

      + A military leader doesn't have to make a big military career or whatever to gain Egyptians love. check the history of Egypt. The relation between Egyptian and military leaders not only Al Sisi is special. since you are not Egyptian you won't get it.

    2. No sir , you need to check the history of Egypt. Egyptian military leaders could be respected like any one else, but are not worshiped until the systematic brain washing starts. Look at Naguib, Nasser and his actions prior to 1954, Even Orabi after he came back from exile. If people have a say they will be treated like every honorable soldier not more or less.

    3. Speaking as one who has actually studied International Law a bit, no there is not. Egypt has not ratified the Rome Statute and thus the ICC has no jurisdiction there.

      That said if it were not press charges, his popularity or lack thereof would be irrelevant. Just look at Kenya where resentment over ICC meddling with its indictments probably got Uhuru Kenyatta elected President. That hasn't stopped them from trying.

  2. Seems that some wish to create a hybrid between Scaf, the Ikwan, and North Korea.

  3. You just have a problem with the Nasser mentality because you hate Nasser. Only traitors hate Nasser. Gen. Sisi will step into his shoes you cunt. Keep your legs closed and watch as we destroy Jan25 conspiracy once and for all.

    1. I hate Nasser, because he was an oppressors, and I was a soldier not a traitor, but you are FREE to love him. As you see, FREEDOM is a very precious thing. By the way, feel free also to use the word cunt since I am sure you are smart enough to know that our words describe what we are.

  4. Sissy Boy is a Godsend to the MB. His pathetic authoritarianism and his mindless sheep following will make people almost forget the inept political abilities of the MB. Whatever way you look at it, less people were being killed under Morsi, less human rights abuses, less arbitary arrests, less media clampdowns and violations of freedoms of speech, less crass stupid tv.....etc.etc. I feel ashamed to be an egyptitian when I see this sissy being sucked up to by the worst kind of stupid egyptians. The would be a joke if they were not egging him on to kill and torture.

  5. The above comments on your post are by far worse than anything that Bassem Youssef had said. He simply focused on the mania you discussed.
    See "And the winner 'isn't' Bassem Youssef"


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