Saturday, October 26, 2013

#Egymedia : Bassem Youssef Starts his show and his enemies are ready for war !!

This post should have been written right after the end of Bassem Youssef’s season three premiere but thanks to an awful migraine I had , it was postponed.

First here is the full episode. The first part was about June 30 and whether it is a revolution or coup then the second part was about the crazy El Sisi-Mania in media and the third part was a serious message about the show’s policy in the new era.

El Bernmag : Season 3 episode one–”Arabic”

I think the best part was the third one ,the show’s policy in the new era. Bassem Youssef said it clearly we did not replace the religious fascism with nationalist fascism or in another words military fascism.

The Islamists are angry from Bassem Youssef as usual. Already they used to hate him during Morsi so there is nothing new about it.

The new thing is the reaction of the Pro-military rule/Pro-El Sisi supporters who used to cheer for Bassem . The Pro-Military supporters are extremely angry because the famous satirist dared and spoke about the general !! He did not even mock him directly.

The last two parts made the Pro-Military and Pro-Sisi supporters especially the from the anti-25 Jan revolution haters aka felol go coco online and offline. Suddenly those people remembered how Bassem and his show are not family friendly and that his producer comes from a Muslim brotherhood family .. etc.

As I hinted before Bassem Youssef did not mock even general El Sisi directly and yet the general’s groupies went mad with crazy comments online. “Bassem is jealous from El Sisi , die Bassem we still love him” and so on !! It was just crazy !!

I am afraid those people should know that this is the tax of getting engaged in politics , General El Sisi and the army want to engage in politics then they have to bear the consequences.

Needless to say I am astonished with the comment of the self claimed major general Sameh Seif El Yazal on Facebook.

Seif El Yazal is one hell piece of work without doubt. The former intelligence officer claiming to be a general “he is not”- turned in to national security/Strategic analyst- slammed Bassem Youssef in a  very serious Facebook post shared 1,288 times. The strategic analyst said that insulting General El Sisi and the army was in the best interest of the Muslim brotherhood now.

He also added that he knew that the episode had a negative impact on the morale of the Egyptian armed forces yesterday !!

As far as I know El Yazal , the CEO of G4S branch in Egypt is retired intelligence army officer so I do not know how he could survey the Egyptian armed forces in less than 24 hours to know their reaction.

Not to mention what kind of armed forces is this that would be affected by those segments for God sake !? What El Yazal claimed actually in my point of view is more insulting to the armed forces and its men than the episode of Bassem Youssef altogether !!

Already we woke up to find some guy presenting reporting Bassem Youssef to the prosecution office for defaming and insulting minister of defense Abdel Fatah El Sisi.

This man is none other Judge Ahmed El Fadaly, the head of the Muslim youth association. This man is already among the accused in the battle of the camel massacre in 2011.He is known to be another Pro-Mubarak Pro-Military supporter.

I found also this Facebook page made by the military El Sisi fans in Egypt “Not the Egyptian army and its icons you clown !!” and the same old accusations are back “He is a US agent from ElBaradei gang”. Same thing was echoed in the General’s fan page “Ultras El Sisi” that is promising Bassem Youssef with hell for mocking the great revolution of 3 July ,the army and the general.

Now Youssef is being called a clown by both clown the Islamists and El Sisi fans , the clown that scares everybody.Oh yes we moved forward from the religious icons to military icons !!

I expressed my opinion as well my concerns about Youssef’s show before. I believe that this was a balanced start for Bassem Youssef and his show. The real test will be in the upcoming days and from what I see that won’t be easy test.

Again I fear that Bassem Youssef show would turn in to some sort of buffer zone , the revolutionary vent to absorb the people’s anger and refusal to the regime.

Anyhow I will end this post with what Bassem tweeted last night.

Guys it is just an episode in some show !!


  1. I agree with you on this post ya Zeinab. Unfortunately Egyptians living in Egypt became intolerant to criticism and very sensitive to sexual innuendos. I perfectly understand why but with all Egypt's problems, Egyptians need to cheer up and laugh. If you think that Bassem's show is inappropriate for your kids and family to watch, just switch the channel. Go Bassem Go

  2. wheres the balance.....not a single direct criticism of Sissy boy. Its not as if there is not enough material to mock Sissy he has made enough ridiculous statments and actions and presided over a military state using all the tools of violence. Surely a balanced satire show would make fun of Sissy along with Morsi given that Sissy has killed thousands and Morsi did not so to not criticise Sissy and to criticise Morsi is in fact clear bias

    1. el-Sisi is boring.

      Morsi? he was a gold mine for any satirist. He was a fool and self righteous idiot
      The ever lasting memory of him must be when he was wearing that ridiculous hat while in Pakistan among those Pakistani Arab wannabes and the second was when he was adjusting his you know what while sitting with the prime minster of Australia

      I think that what Bassem needs to find what makes el-Sisi tick because even boring people can be great subjects for satirists

  3. Bassem is quoted as saying "we are challenged to criticise Al-Sisi and [Interim President] Adly Mansour. If we criticise them, people will think it is not enough and will demand that we go harder against them as we did with Morsi. Well, if they work like Morsi, I will not spare them."

    Yusuf's statement suggested that the satirist may be choosing to ignore the innocent victims of the coup since July 3, the details of whom include 5,000 murdered, 20,000 wounded and 30,000 in detention. Perhaps, say critics, he equates Morsi's political mistakes with the brutality and crimes against humanity of the coup government. He could also believe that the generals should allow him the same freedom to criticise them as he had when they encouraged him to criticise Morsi. That, if true, is a clear testament to the freedom of expression that he enjoyed during Morsi's period in office. Lets see hw he fares in subsequent episodes. He can be forgiven for being scared. However at some point he needs to quit or show his true colours or accept he is a lackey.

  4. Ze.. Please update with that awful statement from CBC about the show last night


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