Saturday, October 26, 2013

#Women2Drive is back Again : No Woman , No Drive They say in #KSA

The fantastic ladies of Saudi Arabia are doing it again. The Saudi women decided to take the wheel hitting the road trying to make it a reality in the kingdom : For Women to drive their cars.
Yes today the Saudi ladies are doing it organizing a campaign to drive in the streets of the kingdom posting photos and videos to encourage other ladies and to prove that they did it. 
Here are videos taken for videos behind the wheel in different cities in KSA.
A lady driving her car in Jeddah
A girl in Ha’il driving on October 26 , 2013
Nesreen drove her husband to get breakfast earlier today , I do not know where exactly
A lady driving in Al Hasa
Activist May El Sawayan driving her car to a grocery near her home in Riyadh accompanied with a female journalist
Eman Al Nafjan aka @Saudi woman drives her car in Riyadh
Here is Eman’s twitter account. Here is also October 26 to Drive Campaign on YouTube also on Instagram.
Here are some intagram snapshots for the ladies behind the wheel.

According to Saudi tweeps women drove their cars in Riyadh , Ha’il , Al Hasa , Jeddah. Some are saying that not less than 50 women drove today. I know it is a small number still big changes always have small beginning. 
Some tweeps also say that there are some ladies who drove to their work today. According to security forces more than 13 women “Ages between 22- 44 years old” were stopped by police and secret police. Their cars have been confiscated and their male custodians said to the authorities that they would not do that again !!!Five women were arresting in Riyadh and signed a pledge not to drive again. I hope that they forget that pledge soon and hit the road once again.
I respect so much how some Saudi men are supporting this right in this macho society of KSA now and I respect more how some of them are not shy of declaring this support publicly.
Here is a Saudi young man teaching his beautiful mother "as he said" how to drive earlier today.
Above those Saudi men Alaa Wardi and Hisham Fageeh as well the rest of  Telfaz 11 team for making the headlines in social media worldwide with their own “No woman, no drive”
This is a satire song by Telfaz 11 team is the first of its kind about this important social issue. Of course I know that the whole team now is under the surveillance of the security in KSA now.
No woman, no drive
With my all due respect how come the Kingdom is trying to appear the fighter of the Arab world against radicalism when it does not allow the ladies to drive cars !? I am speaking about that huge campaign sponsored by the KSA in Arab media against radicalism. Is not banning ladies from basic right like driving their own cars radicalism !?
I can not find any logic or religious reason on why the women can not drive when from 1400 years ago in the same land women used to ride camels and horses not to mention fight besides the prophet himself in the battlefield !!
Needless to say I am reading strange comments from those opposing this basic right online that makes so angry and sick.
By the way I would like to thank the fantastic lady Manal El Sherif and other ladies who hit the road from two years ago. A journey of Thousand miles starts with hitting the car pedal for a small trip to the grocery sometimes.


  1. Thank you for posting this information, I enjoy your blog and I hope the women of KSA get the right we all deserve, to be able to drive their cars. As you say, a small journey begins with the first step. :)

  2. Thank you for this post, I enjoy reading your blog - I hope your migraine is better. Let us all support the women of KSA to have the rights they deserve. Any journey must start with the first step, let us hope this journey brings them their rights.

  3. The Saudis are retarded
    Just imagine walking while wearing this horrid abayya and full niqab in the terrible heat of Saudi Arabia and you have to do so because you are not allowed to drive a car and therefore you have to walk. And it makes you wonder how many women die from heat stroke because of the retarded cloth that they have to wear in this oppressive heat. Men? that is a different story


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