Egyptian Chronicles: No Military Trials For Helwan Workers

Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Military Trials For Helwan Workers

Today the saga of the Helwan workers continue in front of the military court , the saga that should be stopped now. 
If you do not know what I am talking about , well the story started last August 3rd ,2010 when workers at Helwan factory for engineering industries protested the poor working conditions at the military factory after the explosion of a gas canister killing one worker  “Ahmed Abdel Hady” and injuring 6 workers. After the protest the administration the factory promised the workers to improve the works’ safety conditions but on the August 8th a group of 25 workers who were referred to the National Authority for Military Production for investigation. 8 workers from that group were were brought before the military prosecution, who ordered their detention before referring them to a military court for trial on 21 August. The military court adjourned the hearings  to the 28th then to 29th today.
The 8 workers’ names are : Ahmed Taher Hassan, Ayman Taher Hassan, Ahmed Mohammed Abdel Mohaimen, Mohamed Tarek Sayed, Wael Baioumy Mohamed, Hisham Farouk Eid, Ali Nabil Ali, and Tarek Sayed.
For the record the Egyptian media , the mainstream media  is avoiding any reference to the trial from near or far despite it has not to do actually with the army and its secrets from near or far. Al Shorouk news published online the amnesty international statement about the incident but not so surprisingly the news removed hours later !!
We are not in war time so these workers will have to stand in front of a military court because they have exposed military secrets , why not to transfer them to a civilian court especially they are civilians and their offense is civilian too. This trial is an insult to the Egyptian army and our national security.
Strangely those who were responsible for the death of the 37 years old Ahmed Abdel Hady were not prosecuted in the same way.
This is the first time since 1952 workers stand in front of military court , the first time was the infamous Kafr El-Dawr’s Khamis and El-Bakery.
Update :
Tomorrow the court will issue its verdict
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