Friday, June 25, 2010

Follow : A Day of Anger in Alexandria

Sidi Gaber
Today is the day and after an hour the Friday prayer will be held at Sidi Gaber mosque which has been surrounded by security presence only seen in the Al Aqasa Mosque. I have also known that there is a heavy security presence at Sultan Ibrahim mosque as well.
Sidi Gaber has been turned in to a military zone , with thousands of anti-riots forces according to eye witnesses.I do not know if it will be a silent sit in or not but many indications say otherwise. Here is a photo from Omar Youssef in Alex , in the Sidi Gaber area.

There is also security presence at the Corniche , this photo is from O7oud

Mohamed ElBaradei and Ayman Nour are already in Alex , I do not know if Hamdeen Sabhi has reached there yet or not. The Muslim brotherhood for sure are participating in the sit in.
The official newspapers have tired to attack the sit in calling it a play while the people in Alex are furious.
Human rights watch has issued a statement demanding the prosecution of the police officers and agents responsible of Khalid's death.
Wait for more coverage through out the day.

Update #1:
Dr. ElBaradei has arrived and entered Khalid Said's house.

ElBaradei in his way to Said' house and you can see the net cafe
Here is a photo from Mohamed Mansour
and also another photo from inside the house by Aida ElBaradei , his niece

At this moment he paid his respect and condolences to the family of Said and is leaving to the prayer.
Ayman Nour is currently visiting Khalid's tomb again

Update #2 :
 Nour has reached to the Mosque and he is already there along with other activists and opposition icons.
ElBaradei is going to the mosque on foot !!

to the mosque on foot

The prayer is on and the cleric has started his Friday speech
Update #3
There is a huge march now led by ElBaradei , the people of Alex and other activists in Egypt like Bothyna Kamal and Alaa El-Aswany
Here is a video showing it from Khalid Khalil

Hamdeen Sabhi has arrived to the mosque.
The security up till now is polite to the people

ElBaradei and his march has arrived to the Mosque
From Aida ElBaradei

Mothers are all wearing black there and there is a news of a huge march after the prayer from Sidi Gaber mosque to Cleopatra square

According to eye witnesses all Alexandria security directorate is in front of the Mosque starting from the general himself.
There is about 3000 people there including the plain clothed agents in the area.
The Friday speech there is still on !!
The prayer has started after the objection of the people inside the mosque on the very extended speech , already the prayer in Cairo was over when the Emam was still speaking. People shouted Allah Akbar and forced him to go down in order to start the payer.
The police now is trying to crack down the march to Cleopatra square
The prayer seems to be over , the anti-security slogans calling for justice to Khalid Said have started. There is a heavy presence from the security's side that is increasing a bit after bit , people are also chanting "Long live Egypt" outside the mosque
From Aida ElBaradei
Outside the Mosque
From O7od
Outside the Mosque

Here is a video from the sit in that turned in to a protest in front the Mosque from dear Mohammed Gamel , you can see people chanting "Down with Mubarak"

Here is a clear photo from Dr. ElBaradei in Alexandria from Abdel El-Manam

Dr. ElBaradei
According to those who are currently there the security forces formed a cordon and did not let the protesters to follow ElBaradei when he walked in the street to the car where he left, it seems that they made a barrier. There was a little clash between the protesters and the security but the security forces decided to back off a little bit because the size of the protest is getting larger.
These are photos from Journalist Mohamed Effat

Here is another video from the protest , people are chanting against Mubarak , Habib El-Adly , Gamal Mubarak, the Ministry of interior and torture.

ElBaradei and Nour have left while Hamdeen is still there. ElBaradei is still in Alexandria as there will a silent sit in in 6 PM he will attend , I thought that after the prayer he will hold the sit in ; it seems that I mixed up places and dates
Here are couple from Khaled Khalil live :

This was after the prayer , they were prayer for the absent in the street , it is like the funeral. It was wonderful

Update#8 : 
The protest is over and it was a huge success to be honest as you see.
Now Dr. ElBaradei is still in Alexandria as he will participate in the silent sit in that will be held at Stanley bridge at 6:30 PM
There was a lot of criticism that he left after 20  minutes of the protest at Sidi Gaber mosque , with my all due respect the man said that he would stay for 20 minutes and he did so we should not blame him.
In fact I believe it was better for him to leave after 20 minutes when the protest was getting bigger , the protest was about Khalid Said , it is not about ElBaradei , Nour or Sabhi and the people should send a message to the regime that they do not need those icons above with my all due respect to express their anger and refusal to the torture practices and regime's policies. Now it is the people not ElBaradei or Noor or Sabhi whom I do not  know why he spoke in the protest despite my respect to him.
Anyhow here are photos from ElBaradeis' visit to Khalid Said family from different websites and news.
Update#9 :
More updates, footage and photos.
First of all you should check again the update Youm7 coverage with more clear photos
Second here is another clip from Mohamed Gamal shot at the Sidi Gaber protest after the prayer

Also you should see the impressive photos Khaled Khalil has taken from the prayer and the protest today.It is the photo collection by far I have seen right now.

Here is a video for ElBaradei at Khalid Said's house.

I collected couple of Photos form AP to what happened today , I am sure all this will not make to our mainstream media in Egypt.

Alexandrian blogger also published a post about the protest there.
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  1. Ya Z, Im an Egyptian expat following on the protest through twitter. I read that Nour and Saba7i are there but check this

    Also, its strange almost all indi papers dnt seem to have sent reporters there!!!

  2. I read the title and I do not know what it means , yes the foreign wire services and channels sent their correspondents but I do not know about this report

  3. wow nice blog on the history of egypt hope u also like my blog

  4. The videos really show the excitement and atmosphere. Better check your coding though Zeinobia because in my browser some of them are embedded more than once. (Just before Update #8.)

  5. والله حرام عليكى انتى بتعملي شغل حلو قوي ليه ما تعملهوش يالعريي؟ ده سهل حدا زي ما بتكلمى ، حتفرق كتير حاولى ،واحده واحده...... تقديري واحترامي


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