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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silent majority

Sometimes I wonder how those police agents "Awad and El-Falah" whom according to many witnesses had beaten Khalid Said to death feel at night when they go to sleep.
It is not only them but also all those police officers who abuse and torture other citizens.
It is a sadistic nature in addition to hate , hate and despise to the society , after all we are speaking now about young men who apply to the police academy because no other faculty will accept with their very low grades in the secondary stage.
From time to time I try to convince myself that there are good cops , good police officers in the MOI who should not be accounted for what immoral few do but time proves to me that the good police officers are the few , the minority even if they are more in numbers than the corrupted officers ; they are the silent minority who should speak up. Yes the good police officers from generals to cadets to agents should speak up against all the abuse and aggression against their follow citizens who are their brothers and sisters. In fact I am very angry from those silent good minority for leaving the bad ones to defame the police. Why do not the good cops start a reform movement in the ministry !!?? Why do not they declare their refusal to these actions that defame them !!?? If they are many as claimed than they can achieve change and stand with the people.
People do not remember those officers and soldiers who die in the line of duty for real but they do remember the officers who torture and abuse their follow citizens , I do not remember the name of the police officer who was killed in Sinai from couple of years in Ramadan but I do remember Islam Nabieh very much because what he had done to Emad El-Kebeer was much worse for what those drug dealers did to that officer.
People can't stomach the police and you can't blame them.If it is matter of confidence then the MOI should remember the real motto of Police : " The police is at the people's " , the people not the regime , not the ministry not the president ; the people who are the source of the regime , the ministry and the president.
Back to those who torture, abuse and kill against the law using their position in the law enforcement , they have to understand that what goes around comes around.
Back to those two creatures "Awad and Falah" , I do not know what they felt when they found Khalid Said a dead body in their hands but I know they did not have a single feeling like that animal in that video below.
Cat gets emotional for the death of another cat

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  1. In all honesty Z the silent majority need to speak up in all professions. What is dominating the scene in Egypt at the moment are the bad examples in every line of business. May be we can see those bad applies among the police because their work is so related to the general public and so their mistakes/transgressions are more apparent and also have a more profound effect on the general public and how they perceive authority in general.
    I was discussing this with a bunch of friends all in the legal field and all have friend or family relatives in the police and they said bear in mind they actually dnt care about the regime but they do care about doing what they are told to do otherwise the result wont be good and when I asked about how most of them are working as beggars or thugs forcing ppl to pay them money left and right and abusing their authority they said well its bec only the big generals are taking hefty salaries the lower ranks are left to make up the difference. They were not even contesting the Khaled Said video showing officers splitting money and drugs that should be part of the evidence and said of course its common knowledge they mess with the evidence and some even trade in drugs.
    Now the real question is why does Mubarak keep on choosing ppl known to have a shady record? and why doesnt he punish those who have been exposed to the public? The answer according to my friends is that a big thief needs more thieves to expand and to protect him

  2. @Anonymous 12:15 AM:
    The US Congress has given the Egyptian government $28 billion for the past 3 decades, and still sends Egypt $1.5 billion yearly to be nice to Israel. Some pro-Israel members in Congress like Graeme Bannerman, the Jewish lobbyist, and all the Jew Lobbyists for Egypt help support this situation. In turn this money is used to line the pockets of top Egyptian politicians, army, police and security apparatus generals to control its citizens and maintain a cold peace with Israel .
    The American Congress people are supposed to be American citizens, as such, they are all bound, by the Constitution, to give up their loyalty to other countries. Shamefully, some US Congress people are stingy on Americans at home, but waste billions in aid and bribes abroad.

  3. it is true even animals have more respect and feelings towards its enemy if they know they did something wrong by mistakes! I recently saw a video on youtube too about a leopard accidentally killed a monkey with small baby. the leopard took the baby and protect it and didnt even eat the dead body of the mother coz he felt guilty! this two policemen who beat and killed late Khalid is worse than animal!

  4. @anonymous , Mubarak chooses these corrupted personalities in high ranks because he simply can control them easily , he can blackmail them easily.
    even if we change the whole regime , the police needs to clean itself from all those corrupted sick examples in it.

    @anonymous#2 , I said it before we do not need this aid , already it does not go to the people so what is its use for us an Egyptian people or to the Americans who need it now more than ever !!?? You answered this question , it is a bribe to Mubarak to be nice with Israel.
    I swear we do not need to be bribed to be nice to Israel , we do not want wars , we want to build a real healthy nation.

    @anonymous#3 they are indeed and I hope that they are hunted in their dreams with the face of Khaled which they smashed


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