Thursday, June 24, 2010

Follow Up : And Here is Our BP caught in Act

Not so surprisingly the ministries of oil and environment announced that they would declare of the oil company or companies that caused that oil spill in Hurghada on last Tuesday and up till now officially we do not know which company is our BP !!

Anyhow we will not wait the government because thanks to these videos posted by Environmental NGO HEPCA we know which company did it and owes it to the Egyptian people.

First of all here are videos showing the leak in the sea.

Oil Spill 50 miles north of Hurghada

Oil Spill 50 miles north of Hurghada

Now here is a video showing the name of company responsible for that platform but unfortunately it is not clear , this is the closet thing we can get for the time being.

Oil spill in Hurghada , the platform

The government is saying that everything is under control and everything is fine , ok what about the tourists who are cancelling their reservation !!?? What about the marine life and ecosystem !!??


  1. When Egyptians find out the name of this oil company, I strongly suggest that they head to their gas stations, fill up their cars and leave without turning off the pump.

  2. 12:35

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  3. @Anonymous2:
    Learn to spell 'American' you illiterate.

  4. @anonymous 4:25. I though 12:35 was a fair comment, but what do I know. I'm just an American idiot. Seriously though, if you think America has a monopoly on a*holes, you are an a*hole yourself, and a bigot.

    On topic: This is a pic taken at a BP gas station. It's so good I wonder if it's a photoshop.

  5. @Jason 3:33 AM reply to @anonymous 4:25:
    I tend to differ with you about your comment to @anonymous 4:25 as this person is a very healthy being and has no hemorrhoids, in fact this person is a perfect *HOLE!

  6. @anonymous , nice suggestion

    @Jason , do not you love them !!??

  7. @Zeinobia, what I love is your blog. And your patience: You deserve great credit for tolerating vexatious comments. As I read your posts I am always looking forward to the slapstick pie fight that's sure to follow.


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