Friday, June 25, 2010

Follow Up : Stanley Bridge We Will Meet !!

It is a long day of anger in Alexandria and here is the third event in that long day I will transfer it a little bit late as it has already started from 30 minutes ago.
Dr. ElBaradei and Ayman Nour along other  activists met as agreed at Stanley bridge to hold a silent sit in which to be extended to the rest of Alexandria Corniche. There are currently other sit ins across the Nile Corniche whether in Mansoura or Cairo or Fayoum or even Asuit in Upper Egypt. Here is another photo from Aida ElBaradei
The Security was on alert in Maadi Corniche and kept harassing those young people wearing black there.
Now Stanley bridge sit in has considerably succeeded at delivering a powerful message along what happened in Sidi Gaber this morning to the level of making the regime launching its NDP parades !! Yes suddenly people found a NDP parade made of 2000 child and teenager from those who we usually see in the elections season ,moving in cars with their speakers on , lots of noise and Shereen singing "Have not you drunk from the Nile !!??"
It is weak ,childish and vulgar but means we hit a nerve for the regime today.
Hats off to the amazing and brave Alexandrians , they were and are an inspiration to the rest of the Egyptians.


  1. Hi..
    I like your blog so much..
    I also like your language.
    God bless you.

  2. Excellent coveraga ya Zeinab. I kept checking your blog all day long for updates thru my iPhone.

  3. @Shaimaa ,
    thank you so much dear.

    @Egyptian in USA , it is my pleasure :)


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