Saturday, June 26, 2010

Egypt's Children

The attack of the official and semi official media on yesterday's protest and sit in does not mean anything except the protest and the sit hit a nerve for the regime , a strong nerve.

The regime for the first time met face to face to the people themselves not because of work or economic related conditions but rather for the regime treatment , for the regime's abuse and torture to the citizens across the country. The regime depended all that time on torture and abuse to make the people of Egypt from Matrouh to Aswan fear , but fear no more because the people especially the young people of Egypt who know that because of that old regime they will have a dark hard future not to mention the frustrating present decided to refuse that treatment

It is not about Khaled Said but it is about whole generation that found in Said's life story; the so-called Mubarak's children generation , the peace generation that is inheriting a legacy worse than wars and occupation , a legacy of dictatorship and corruption that killed hopes and dreams. Once a wise man told that our generation is luckier than any previous generation in the country because it has hope and it works to reach for that hope.

Khaled Said is or was from the Mubarak's generation , his living years are nearly equal to Mubarak's rule and his life end sometimes I feel is a metaphor for what happened to Egypt and Egyptians in Mubarak's time. May be this is why many Egyptians saw reflections of their life in that smiling handsome young man picture. The son of the middle class that can't find a job who loves rap and is a geek despite he did not have a proper computer education in the public education whose was on his way to leave the country in other one because he got no connection what so ever in his mother country.

The response of Egyptians whether inside or outside "Yes outside" to the sit in at 6:30 PM was like of a declaration of rejection to that regime that brought nothing except corruption and disgrace to this country and it is people , it is the declaration of Mubarak's Children that they are not Mubarak's Children but Egypt's Children.

I want to share these photos from all over and all over the world "Photo courtesy : Dear Ahmed Shokeir"

This is the real Egyptian stand , yet it is too little compared to our big population but do not forget tomorrow it will be big and the day after it will bigger.

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  1. Surprisingly prominent coverage of Khalid Said's murder in the US press.

    The front page of popular news portal Drudge Report has a link as follows:

    Concern over Egyptian blogger's death; Plainclothes policemen dragged him out of Internet cafe...


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