Saturday, October 5, 2013

#KhaledSaid : Erasing a History Starts with Small steps usual

This school year we found out that the photo of Khaled Said was spotted in the second grade's Arabic books .Many people were happy by the move despite institutions like Police did not like unofficially.

Unofficial Facebook page following police and ministry of interior kept publishing comments on how some Khaled Said is mentioned in the school books when he is a bloody addict who deserves to be killed.
Some of course criticize the move saying that children in the second grade will not be familiar with Said. Surprisingly the current minister of education is saying that he did not know that that the photo of Said was in the school courses in the first place. 

This week we knew that the photo of Khaled Said will be removed from school courses next year.
Someone is annoyed by the photo that made it to Berlin Wall and its symbolism , someone does not want the students to  know that young man and the role in changing the course of the Arab nation whether that one likes or not.
From couple of weeks ago minister of foreign affairs Nabil Fahmy stood in front the United National General Assembly speaking over and over about January 25 revolution just like all other officials in the current Egyptian administration are chanting about that glorious revolution while back home the media whether stated owned or privately owned are systematically attacking it and trying to erase it !!
Hypocrisy as it appears.
Anyhow one thing the Egyptians have excelled in doing from 3000 years B.C , it is to change history from time to time according to the ruler’s own status of mood still truth always prevails in the end. Hopefully soon enough contrary to all odds and hopes of deep and not deep states , this is habit will stop and history of Egypt will be recorded as it is , as it should.


  1. Fuck off, he got a poor report card from his military service. He was a known druggie and dealer. He should have paid his Morshid. You activists then accused the police of beating him up when he was the one to cheat his local supplier. Fuck off Z, you cunt!

    1. Typical police state propaganda! Trying to defend a cold blooded murder committed by some thugs in uniform. as for the drugs, don't we all know that when police confiscates 100 Kg of drugs, only 500 g make it to the police station? The local suppliers are police. It is also well known that police is beating people up and torturing them and killing them like the Frenchmen only recently.

    2. Anonymous whose first language is not Egyptian Arabic but swearing wrote

      >Fuck off,

      When people swear then they have no valid arguments right anonymous?

      For the readers: Egyptians want democracy and in a democratic country the rights of even an alleged drug addict are as important as those of even Sheikh el-Azhar or the Coptic Pope themselves and his murder should be judged in a court of law and those found guilty should face what ever the justice system will impose as a punishment because being a drug addict does not justify the crime of killing a human being

      So do you want to live in a democracy or no anonymous you tell us

  2. Cursing, accusations and name calling are always the first refuge of people who can't support their position with a factual intellectually cohesive argument.


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