Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#Yemen , US #Drones and Usual Arab Silence "Updated"

Today there was a congressional hearing for US military drones victims from Pakistan in D.C
It is the first time to happen and just as Malala caught the attention, 9 years old Nabila who witnessed her grandma killed in the drone attack spoke to the 5 Congressmen in the hearing about her scary experience with their country killing machine. Nabila and her 13 years old brother Zubair shared the details of the attack live in the Congressional hearing.
Nabila and her family along with her translator and lawyer "Rania Khalek"
No one accused the Congressmen of treason for listening to those victims who are actually incriminating the US army and accusing it of a war crime that is killing innocent people. The person who called for this session is Congressman Alan Grayson , a democrat “Just like Obama” and he was not accused of being traitor.
Now I am happy that the drones attacks in Pakistan are discussed widely and at the same time I am angry as well feel sad on how Yemen is being neglected when it suffers from the US strikes and drones just like the Pakistanis.
I am angry that the League of Arab States is completely ignoring the drones attacks in Yemen and how people suffer there. Is not this an attack on an Arab state sovereignty !?  I am angry that Saudi Arabia that is pretending now to be standing against American Imperialism in the region does not raise this matter.
I feel sad that only Yemeni activists from true revolutionaries are speaking about it when all other Arab activists are ignoring what is happening to the Yemeni people from foreign attack targeting their civilians in the endless bottomless war on terrorism.
Here is a short clip from Human rights Watch about the drones and Yemen.
Human rights watch and US strikes in Yemen
You must also read how the United States is gaining more enemies with its drones attacks in Yemen.Terrorism will not stop using drones and killing innocent civilians in that war. This is a fact.
I wish that Egyptian and Arab tweeps and bloggers speak about Yemen. I wish that Mosireen produces some documentary with help of Yemeni activists about it the drones attack. We are good in making noise then let’s our noise to be useful for our people and their rights.  
Updated : 
It turned out earlier that year Yemeni activists spoke in another Senate hearing about the drones in Yemen where activist Farea Al Muslimi."Thanks to Jim Early"

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  1. As an American I do not approve of drones strikes. The targets that are hit always cause collateral damage, killing innocent people. Most Americans are against these weapons.
    It is shameful that only 5 congressmen were part of the meeting.


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