Friday, November 15, 2013

Banksy is not welcomed in the new democratic Egypt !!

 The Mubarak deep state ministers in El-Beblawi’s cabinet are not wasting anytime. After proposing the Protests Law , they are now proposing a law to criminalize “abusive graffiti and stencil” in the country.
The law is proposed by former police general/old time governor/current minister of local development Adel Labib. According to that proposed law if you are found guilty then you will either face a prison sentence of up to four years or a fine up to 100,000 LE ($14,516) !!
Banksy in Manhattan
So the abusive graffiti and stencil according to the government means a 100,000 LE fine or 4 years in jail !! Interestingly as Mohamed Mahmoud 2011 clashes anniversary gets close , I remember that police officer El Shenawy who shot the protesters in their eyes got 3 years in prison.
Of course the matter of abusiveness will be determined according to the government’s views. Labib is justifying the new draft law that the country needs to be clean.
Definitely Banksy is not welcomed in the new Democratic Egypt !!
Needless to say that there was a media campaign in the past week in the mainstream media about how much we needed this law to stop those insulting stencils and graffiti drawing on our walls and how much we need this country clean !!!
Al Masry Al Youm published a strange news that French police arrested a group of graffiti artists in Paris with a picture from the clashes between the French riot police and PSJ Ultras from couple of months ago. There was no source for that news at all.
I do not know why the mainstream media was not that angry when insulting stencil , graffiti and slogans were written for the first time on the outside walls of the Presidential palace during Morsi’s presidency !?
I am so amazed on the amount of time this transitional government had spent  in drafting laws to fight the freedom we gain after January 25 revolution when it ignored the anti-corruption laws and to fight a deadly bureaucracy in the government in order to help the recovery of the ill economy.  I am so amazed on the amount of time this government and its minsters dedicate to draft laws against freedoms ignoring laws for transitional and social justice !!
BY the way the Protest law is going to be issued sooner to fill the gap made by lifting the state of emergency this week.
You must know that the graffiti artists have not stopped expressing their arts and views yet. Recently graffiti drawings were made in Sabry Abu Alam street to commemorate martyrs Belal Ali and Miriam Ashraf by Graffiti artists Ammar Abu Bakr and Zeft.
Belal was young Morsi supporter that shot down point blank by police officer during the clashes last month while Miriam is the young girl that killed in Imbaba’s Church bombing.

That graffiti was disfigured but and other artists painted again. Who is afraid of Miriam and Belal as a graffiti on a wall for God’s sake !?
by Abo Bakr
By Abo Bakr
Anyhow I will seize this opportunity and share with you the photos of the Tahrir area graffiti. There are new drawings I believe there. May be I will head there soon and take some snapshots.


  1. Not only do they want to pass the graffiti law, but they are bent on yet more travesties as well:,d.eW0

    The cabinet wants to place itself and its favored aristocracy above the law. To it, the law it purely an instrument intended to suppress everyone else. Business as usual, just like all other past governments. But even more open about its willingness to kill.

    It is worrying to consider what might happen on the upcoming Mohammed Mahmoud commemorations.

    The authoritarian spell of sacrificing liberty must be broken and exposed as the dangerous dead end that it is.

  2. DUH!
    a coup ministry, what do you expect?!!


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