Sunday, November 24, 2013

#EgyConstitution :The draft is not Final yet

Today we found the Egyptian Constitution committee’s official twitter account announcing that the new draft Constitution 2013 is available online. People began to gear up to read and inspect that draft Constitution but then came Mohamed Salmawy , the official spokesperson of the committee to tell us that the draft

It is true , it is not the final draft because they are still last minute talks with everybody to ensure that the majority of certain groups like the Salafists and Workers are going to say Yes. There are still major fights about certain articles other than the military trials and the army articles in general.

Yes the Salafists as well Al Azhar are now fighting with all their powers over the so-called Islamic identity articles and it is not about the infamous 219 but about the fact that they do not want the word “Civilian” in the article related to the identity of the Egyptian state.Oh yes Al Azhar also refuses the word “Civilian” , the open-minded moderate Al Azhar that fought the Muslim Brotherhood also refuses the civility of the State !!

I do not know what the problem of the sheikh is with the civility of the State. “Civilian” is not secular for God’s Sake , Civilian opposes military as far as I know !!

Anyhow this is just the tip of ice berg , you got the other Sharia related articles.

Despite the Salafists as Al Nour Party approved the Military trials in the 2012 Constitution , they declared their refusal to the military trials for civilians now in 2013. I believed that they are playing some sort of game with the military in return to keep the religious related articles as they are.

Al Nour party can mobilize its supporters against this constitution if it does not get it wants.

Now moving to the Workers and farmers’ share in the parliament. As you may know that since the 1960s and the Workers and farmers got 50% of the seats in the parliament according to the Constitution. Now it is removed from the draft Constitution.It is one of the best things ever to be honest because actually all those years the ruling party used this article to control the parliament. 

The workers and farmers unions “Mostly from the Mubarak era” are against this and are vowing to vote against the constitution if it is issued without it.

Moving to the Governance System , last rumor we hear today was that the members of the Constitution committee want to have the presidential elections before the parliamentary elections in Egypt. Also we got the president vs. parliament powers article.

Here is the first published draft in Arabic.

المصري اليوم تنشر المسودة الأولى لدستور «لجنة الـ50» المعدل by Moataz Nadi

Here is also its translation by Mada Misr in English. I still need to read it thoroughly.

In case you do not know the battle for banning the military trials is still now and it definitely needs a separate post to show the hypocrisy of our political elite.

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