Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#NoMilTrials : To Protest or Not to Protest

Today a group of protesters and  activists tried to defy the government and the ministry of interior by organizing another protest against both " The military trials for civilians in the Constitution" and "The protest law". The protest is organized by Thowar Front. "Revolutionaries Front" 
Now the Ministry of interior is claiming that late Jika's father was the one who applied for a permit for this protest. Ironically no one from the activists asked for a permit in the first place and nobody can reach Mr. Salah Jaber, Jika's dad to confirm this.
The official statement of MOI says that some activists apply for the permit but did not say who these activists are. Ironically according to the law you should apply three days prior to the protest not only the same day.
Interestingly the MOI spokesperson refused to reveal to Daily News Egypt report Fady Ashraf the organizers that applied for permits.

Jika is believed to be killed by the MOI during Mohamed Morsi's rule. No one was held accounted for his death up till now. 

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