Friday, December 6, 2013

#EgyConstitution: Draft Constitution #2013 Now Available in English

Thanks to we have now unofficial translated version of the draft Constitution 2013.

Draft Constitution 2013 of Egypt in English by Zeinab Mohamed

The unofficial translation is prepared by International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance “International Idea”.
Of course now we began to see more discussion in English about the Constitution. Dear friend Bassem Sabry analyzed the draft Constitution and summarized its main point in a must read report in El Monitor. Nathan Brown and Michele Dunn also take a closer looker to our Constitution version 2013.


  1. Supporters of the government claim that everyone should vote in favor of the constitution because it allegedly advances freedom. But in the same breath, they praise the government for engaging in systematic repression and elimination of freedom. Their arguments are inconsistent and disingenuous. If the government, and maybe the next one, are going to flout liberty and commit gratuitous crimes against humanity, why give them the pleasure of ramming through a constitution which they only intend to use as a way to wipe their ass? If what exists now is a taste of what is to come, then the future is bleak. If they were serious about stopping repression, they wouldn't have kept so man of the 2012 constitution's problems in the amended one

  2. Khaled Ali is infinitely more worthy of the presidential chair than the terrorist el-Sisi. Has a much more intelligent agenda for Egypt.


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