Friday, December 6, 2013

#RIPMandela : #Africa Lost an Icon

And South Africa announced officially the death of its leader and hero Nelson Mandela. I do not know what to see or how I can express my sadness. It was a tough week back here in North East of Africa , in Egypt where young revolutionaries are sent to jails just like Mandela in his youth for protesting and Ahmed Fouad Negm dies . It was tough week indeed.
Mandela upon his release on 11 February 1990
Nelson Mandela could be the most famous African leader known now in the Egyptian media unlike any other African leader. But even Mandela , what most people know about him in Egypt from the media is that he was the first African or rather black president to rule South Africa after years of whites’ rule .. oh and he was imprisoned many years before that and he got a Nobel Prize.That’s it.
The people do not know about his struggle nor about his experience in South Africa nor about the experience of the transitional period in South Africa. May Be if they truly know those things and try to learn from other countries’ experiences , things we would be different now in Egypt .
Egyptian tweeps are sharing his famous quotes, I hope each one of them began to read about his life and experience , about co-existence and about justice !!
The question I ask myself now : How many years do we have to wait in Egypt till we have our Nelson Mandela in order to lead and inspire the people !? Yes people need a a figure sometimes to inspire them and unfortunately our people are still in these times. Do we have to wait for another 30 years !? I swear to God we do not need another Nasser now but rather another Nelson Mandela for real.
I know that I suppose to write something about this world icon but instead I am speaking about my country because for me Mandela is associated with Freedom , democratic transitional rule, justice , hope and citizenship.
Things God knows we need now so much in Egypt.
Africa lost an icon , may he inspire more generations in this land struggling for hope for decades now.

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  1. You stated in your blog that Egypt needs now a Mandela rather than a Nasser to inspire the People.The irony is that Mandela himself stated that he was inspired by Nasser during his struggle and fight with the Apartheid State!So were all African leaders during years of Liberation and control of their own destiny. @amrazim2808


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