Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kodak Agfa Presents : At Al Azhar Park

Last month I visited Al Azhar Park to attend a family birthday and of course it was an opportunity to take my camera and snap couple of shots at Cairo’s biggest park. I did not have a chance to go around and smell clean fresh air for too long but I had an opportunity some shots at night I think they are interesting.

I am very proud of this shot for Mohamed Ali Mosque at night considering I am very bad at taking night shots.

I am so proud that I posted it at Your Shot at National Geographic. Of course it is nothing compared to the stuff there but I feel that I am accomplished something and I should celebrate it.
Here is another shot I am proud of.
By the way I must record my admiration for the gift the Aga Khan IV gave to the people of Cairo.
Also you must visit the Bazaar at the restaurant building in the park where you can find beautiful handmade stuff in very good prices.

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  1. we went there to this park one year and it made for a very nice day walking about. Up on the hill is a Middle Eastern type restaurant where you sit on pillows as I recall with a view on the hill to a Citidel or Mosque, perhaps the one you photographed. When we were leaving for our taxi driver who we arranged to pick us up at a certain time, the band was just starting to set up and play. I wish we could have stayed longer to hear them.


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