Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#Mosireen presents : The law that Criminalizes #Jan25

Ladies and gentlemen , here is Mosireen’s latest production : The law that criminalizes #Jan25.

Personally I believe that no protest law can not stand against the revolution or uprising of the people when they are extremely frustrated and angry.

And by the way yes it is called 25 January revolution and 30 June is one of its stages and its waves.


  1. well, 25 January IS a revolution and 30 June is one of its ANTI waves.

  2. The civilised world is under no obligation to back terrorist movements like Tamarod. Those thugs should save their crying for someone else or stop acting like animals.

  3. If Tamarod cared about freedom it would not now be supporting its destruction or dipping the movement's hands in blood everyday. What a useless, lying group that sacrificed everything it claimed to stand for.


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