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#AblaFahita , the master Spy of #Vodafone or this is how you attract #FDI to #Egypt and fight terrorists !!! "Updated"

And 2013 swore not to leave us any hope when it comes to the future of Egypt and here I am not speaking about clashes or bombings but about mentality.
Do you remember how Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Military conspiracy theorist Sameh Abu Arayes accused Abla Fahita puppet of being a spy !? Well guess what , today the regional manager of Vodafone Egypt stood in front of state security prosecution in order to explain the meaning of Abla Fahita.
Vodafone and Abla Fahita were reported to the prosecutor general’s office by Pro-Military Anti-25Jan self claimed activist Ahmed Spider for sending encrypted messages from the Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the members in Egypt including dangerous messages about terrorist attacks !!! 
This is not a joke , it is a bitter reality.
First of all ,here is the ad starring the famous Abla Fahita about the new year’s offers from Vodafone. It is hilarious.
Yesterday in the New Year’s Eve we found State security journalist turned in to TV host speaking about this on his TV show along with former singer and current Freemasonry and espionage expert Ahmed Spider about this horrifying spy Abla Fahita.
It was not a parody act in the New Year’s eve , I swear it was serious to the level that Vodafone Egypt PR spoke in Moussa’s show swearing there was nothing wrong. The man could not believe what he was facing actually in front of those two strange creatures with no brain.

Many people are trying to find a logic justification for what happened. Some claim that that could be a cheap attempt from Ahmed Moussa and Tahrir channel to blackmail Vodafone in order to sponsor the channel’s shows and so on. I am afraid it is not about the revolutionary channel turned in to a Felol channel in some irony representing the situation in Egypt. Infamous "Al Faraeen TV" channel exposed the huge conspiracy behind the latest Vodafone's ad too as well !!
“El Faraeen” and its founder Tawfik Okasha are too close to the current regime especially security apparatuses to the level that they arrest people upon his request in less 48 hours for doing the Rabaa sign in photos with him !! This is more than comedy act.
Here is a video from his channel where there was a discussion about the dangerous Fahita !!
The Pro-Police Facebook pages also kept publishing posts about Abla Fahita and its encoded messages.
Here is a post by the so-called Media center of MOI on Facebook in the 48 hours madly. I hate to tell them that terrorists do not wait till Vodafone produces an ad worth of thousands of pounds to know the latest instructions. There are hundreds of secured and even unsecured instant messaging apps that can do the job easily for God's sake !!

MOI's Media Department : The pages of Abla Fahita was using unknown symbols and codes whether secretly or publicly "!!" which is against the state's policy and what the law warned of. We do not know whether if these are true symbols or fake symbols in order to confuse the state's apparatus either ways it is against the law. The administrators of Abla Fahita should be questioned according to the law and we are waiting the prosecution's warrant to arrest those administrators and those who cooperated with them. FYI those administrators are well known to security.
FYI the administrators or rather the creator of Abla Fahita is well known for many people especially in advertising so it is not a big secret.
Also I want to say that terrorists have won already if the administrators are truly police officers assigned to protect us !! 
 It is worth to mention that the ministry of interior stated before those pages were not official but amazingly in times like this it does not close them or even angry that the admins are claiming to be officers.
Tawfik Okasha , Ahmed Moussa and Ahmed Spider as well Amr Mostafa and Pro-Military/Pro-Police Facebook pages do not act alone , they are more puppets than Abla Fahita and Carolina.
Their puppeteer is sending a great message to Foreign investors and multinational companies!?
In fact What kind of message you want to send to the Egyptians and to the world as well by making conspiracy theorist losers who are totally against 25 January revolution like Amr Mostafa and Ahmed Spider not to mention all the retired army generals aka Self claimed Strategic analysts speak all the time about cosmic conspiracies against Egypt and how the Muslim Brotherhood control UK and US through Muslims around the globe !?
The scary part is that I do not really think that he does understand the implications of such actions whether on short or medium or even the long term.
The Vodafone spy Abla Fahita !!
One day there is could be a real threat and people won’t believe anyone, it is a lesson we know since our childhood.
Does the current regime in Egypt or the deep state want Vodafone to leave Egypt !? I swear to God I am trying to find a serious justification but can not !! I kept thinking all day long to the level that I thought it were a devilish company by Vodafone !!!!
Is this some sort of diversion plan created to make the mainstream media busy in something trivial !? 
I just do not understand , I swear I do not know !! 
The Pro-Military/Pro-Mubarak supporters now are claiming that it was important to investigate Abla Fahita because “we do not know for real the truth” , “Everything is possible !?” and of course the favorite justification , Muslim Brotherhood member and former minister of investment Yahia Hamed was one of the top executives in Vodafone plus Vodafone is British and London now is the capital of the MB in the world !!!!!!!!!!!! Ironically I think we got at least two ministers of telecommunication who worked in Vodafone and they were all approved by GIS !!
I can not believe those guys write on their twitter account !? 
Is this how we are going to be advanced civilized country , the country that interim Presidential advisers Ahmed El Muslimany and Mostafa Higazy always speak about !?Is there a hope to end this hysteria !?

Updated at 2/1/2014

  • Now in some historical non-precedent thing in Egypt that we have not seen before : Online debate or rather Confrontation between Ahmed Spider and Lady Abla Fahita on air !! Oh yes on CBC channel TV host Khairy Ramdan's show had this unforgettable episode or rather segment !! You know the end of civilization , this is the end of the human civilization without doubt. 


  1. The dumber that advocates of totalitarianism act, the weaker they become. This would be an excellent subject for someone like Bassem Youssef to lampoon.

    These fruitcakes forced themselves into positions of power and influence, they shouldn't start crying when they are mocked and their failures are pointed out. Since the government and its supporters are excluding all others from having any affect on governance and ruling, the current catastrophic failings and foolish debacles are of they own making. They need to get over the fact that they have no natural right to power and will be found utterly wanting in the final analysis. This clique and its associated dictatorship have failed.

  2. In my opinion all #Egypt media has turned into a propaganda tool of Sisi.

    Abla Fahita puppet has unmasked Egypt media.

  3. You are making fun of that. This is a real conspiracy and you will end up shedding tears for being a fool, Zeinobia. The Illuminati are conspiring against the muslim and arab world. Egypt witnessed 3 years of darkness, deterioration and muslim brotherhood conspiracy. Its the likes of you, the traitors of 6 April, the activists like Wael Abbas, Alaa Abdel Fattah, Ahmed Adel, Ahmed Douma Ahmed Maher and the agents of the CIA and the Mossad who wants to bring Egypt down, spread chaos.

    The plot agiantst Hosny Mobarak Has been exposed. Its the same plot you are making against Sisi. God will expose you all.

    PS. Why do you write in English?

    1. P.S.: Why do you write under Anonymous?

    2. Hahahaha! Sounds like the plot to Deus Ex. Better get some tachyon detectors, the Romulans are probably involved. At least you have the mighty Egyptian army to bulldoze your houses to motivate you to fight the imperial stormtroopers. I'm sure shooting some more protestors will solve the problem somehow, better get started.

    3. Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh: May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you. How encouraging it is, my brother in faith, that you and I, at least, will not allow the CIA and Mossad to hoodwink us. I dearly hope that we are not the only ones who see the meddling hands of the Zionists and their pawns at work to undermine Egypt and the Ummah.

      And of course you are entirely correct that writing in English ought to cast suspicion upon one.

    4. Could you explain to us how does the plot work, How is a failed or weak Egypt good for the US or even Israel, when it is evident that a strong Egyptian army benefits Israel more than any one else as evident by Israel lobbying for the military aid for Egypt. And how is a MB rule good for the US or Israel ? and how are activists who defend human rights , traitors ?

  4. >> FDI? - capital flows OUT of the country <<

    I enjoy your blog for the raw data .. even with broken English and punctuation quality et al.

    On another perspective: Since you mention FDI as if its a good thing: .. may I urgently and importantly draw your attention to the dangers of FDI and its negative long-term impact on the economy -- Capital flows OUT of the country .. from Poor countries TO rich countries.

    There are many studies with this conclusion -- many studies even by the World Bank (some authored by Indian PM Manmohan Singh when he worked there)

    1. No offense, but better English and proper punctuations could not make you less paranoid, no matter how hard you try. But you are free to believe that countries with restricted capital flow have the healthiest economies.

    2. You are missing the point about FID. Of late more capital has moved from poor countries to rich countries (well, mostly the US) to finance America's huge trade deficit. That's a controversial subject and economists don't agree on why it happens or who it is good for. What certainly won't help is scaring away even more investment with batcrap crazy stunts. It will even scare away local investors if they aren't caught up in Egypt's national mental illness too much.

  5. As it turns out, that whole thing about the spy puppet was a hoax planted by Ahmed Spider. It shows how quickly the Egyptian people can be deceived and misled these days, Unfortunately as you rightly exposed it shows how little the administration cares about FDIs and Egypt's participation in the global economy. As a result FDIs in Egypt are mainly directed into real estate speculation and here it can easily be withdrawn at any moment as a previous comment mentioned. Although I would argue that the absence of FDI is far more dangerous than its presence. Who by the way is Manmohan Singh??? Certainly not qualified to judge FDI as he runs one of the most corrupt systems on this planet.

  6. The Egyptian dictatorship doesn't care about whether its economy is successful. The only thing it wants is to solidify its grip on power. It would be very happy with a country with neither progress nor political dissent.

    In any case, the clock is ticking rapidly. The dictatorship is wasting away its remaining lifespan and is unlikely to survive to the end of 2014.


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