Monday, January 27, 2014

And #ElSisi For President 2014 is on

 And with in hours from promoting Abdel Fatah El Sisi to Field Marshal "Despite he did not lead the armed forces in any real war" , SCAF held its meeting to discuss matters like the situation in Sinai .. and El Sisi's presidential bid.
And from few moments ago SCAF announced that it delegated/mandated Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi in the upcoming presidential elections. Yes SCAF representing the Egyptian armed forces announced its political support to Abdel Fatah El Sisi as a president like any other political party !! They even voted for his support , you know like any high office in any political party.
Oh yes now El Sisi will run in some farce in front of couple of candidates in a decorative way in front of the world which knows now that it was a coup more than saving a growing democracy from a fascist religious group.
Already now the mainstream media whether press or radio or TV says President Abdel Fatah El Sisi already.
El Sisi has not resigned yet from his position by the way.

Of course yesterday interim president Adly Mansour announced that the Presidential elections would be held before the parliamentary elections. Accordingly candidacy will be open next 14 February 2014 if I am not mistaken. 
There is news that chief of staff Sedky Sobhi is going to be appointed as minister of defense. Ironically according to the new Constitution the upcoming minister of defense will be far more powerful than upcoming President El Sisi.
Any Armed forces Spox Colonel Ahmed Ali said that those speculations are untrue we should wait for their announcement. 
It is worth to mention that El Sisi said in July 2013 that he was not looking for any position so the army would not be accused for seeking power. These were his own words in summer 2013. Of course Field Marshal Abdel El Sisi and the Egyptian armed forces should be careful , very careful because I remember that the Muslim Brotherhood said the same thing and later they got candidates after all. Be very careful.
Oh former deputy PM and representative of so-called Democracy camp in cabinet Dr. Ziad Bahaa El Din , your resignation was too damn late.
The answer is and has always been Tunisia so far.


  1. Unfortunately, it's starting to look like Egypt is the archetype for revolutionary impotence in the 21st century.

  2. Yes El Sisi is looking a lot like George W. Bush who never really served in the military even though that's what they want you to think. So what's the expression? "The more things change the more they remain the same."

  3. The best hope is probably to rally everyone around Sabahi so as to prevent Sisi's terroristic backside from reaching the throne. By coalescing and creating an anti-fascism coalition, a challenge can be issued more effectively is the election is a fraud.

    Every effort must be made to thwart the rise of this repulsive dictatorship. Revolutionaries, liberals, leftists, MB, Salafsts, and everyone that opposes Sisi need to consider backing and voting for the same person, even if this person is not ideal.

    1. That's assuming anyone else is allowed to campaign. The farce of a referendum doesn't makes me very much doubt that anyone else will be able to safely organize, speak against Sisi publicly or have their views aired on the media.

    2. Definitely there is a huge chance that the presidential election will be a farce just like the constitutional referendum was. If that happens, all respectable candidates should withdraw from the race and participate in a boycott of the charade. Before reaching that stage, though, whatever campaigns exist should try to seize upon the opportunity to break the mental siege being conducted by the government.

      If they start killing and arresting organizers and speakers for the campaigns of Sabahi, Anan, or whoever chooses to run, that hopefully will start to turn even some supporters of this dictatorship against it. By pushing the envelope with trying to get the message out, factions like the Popular Current could finally start playing a positive rather than negative role in the political scene. The test of whether campaigning will be allowed needs to be carried out earlier and vigorously. The main reason why the Sisi fanaticism is so powerful is because alternate voices are suppressed and destroyed before they can obtain a critical mass.

      Won't the police start to get stretched passed the breaking point if they try to obliterate political activism everywhere, even in the remote areas? Can Sisi even safely travel around the country anymore, given how many people now hate him for killing their relatives?

      The Ikwan alone is nowhere near enough to overthrow this government. Some sort of viable liberal or leftist movement is needed to act as another base of opposition in case the political space is shut down to such a degree that revolution becomes the only viable possibility for change.

    3. I don't disagree. If Egypt's liberals want to be taken seriously politically either inside the country or out they need to act now and show they can still do something besides kiss up to the military in a post June 30 environment. That said the overwhelming probability is that it will be crushed brutally if it shows any real independence. And if it is, Egypt will be in for a whole new era of suffering however it goes. The military won't be deposing Sisi the way it did Morsi or Mubarak and any attempt to destroy it will make Egypt go the way of Syria or Algeria. If it isn't destroyed it will simply kill protestors until people get tired of it or all dissidents are dead and you'll have a military dictatorship for the next 30 years. Either way, Egypt's future got a lot grimmer after the coup.

  4. Whereas Sisi is an opponent of civilized comport, Sabahi would at least stand a chance of engaging in some kind of political reconciliation.



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