Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meanwhile our Diplomats are kidnapped in #Libya

In case you do not know with all the drama we are having in the past 48 hours whether terrorist bombing or bloody anniversary and a helicopter that is blown up in Sinai  , we got 5 Egyptian diplomats kidnapped by Libyan militias.
Abu Obeida
Yes it started last night , in fact it started yesterday after the arrest of the Libyan Revolutionaries operations chamber head Sheikh Shaaban Heida in Alexandria. Shaaban Hedia aka Abu Obeida El Zawy is said to be connected to Al Qaeda. Of course he was arrested and is said to be accused of cooperating with MB. This is what we know from Libyan sources. 
After couple of hours of his arrest his militias which are connected to the GNC and stood behind the kidnap of the Libyan PM Ali Zidan last October , kidnapped the Egyptian administrative attaché from our embassy in Tripoli. Hours later another 4 diplomats including the cultural attaché Dr. El Halali and 3 administrative employees also from Tripoli “No security what so ever as it seems despite what happens in Libya especially after the attack on the US embassy in Libya”
The militia’s demand was clear since the first hour : The release of Abu Obeida.
Egypt evacuated its diplomatic commission in the past hours from Libya in some military plane.
Now the kidnappers released a photo for the kidnapped diplomats and let them speak on TV , on Al Arabiya TV channel demanding the release of Abu Obeida in the upcoming 24 hours.

Here is the photo , it is sad
The photo was released on Tajura speaks Facebook page. It was sent allegedly by one of the so-called revolutionaries in El Zawya demanding the release of Sheikh Shaaban or otherwise the consequences won’t be good. 

By the way the media in Egypt does not give a damn for those Egyptian diplomats as they are all focusing on El Sisi love fest only. Ok you do not give a damn for those bad protesters who are killed and arrested what about our diplomats !? Personally I know that the ministry of foreign affairs is working on rescuing them but I am surprised at the media !!


  1. Strange, I tried twice to post my response here and it just "poof" disappeared entirely. Something is going on Zee. Bottom line is the U.S. said, "no ransom paid nor negotiations with terrorists" as their mantra. Yet today we have contractors and young soldiers being held in the hinterlands of Pakistan forgotten forever except for their families and loved ones to mourn them and worry. When Prime minister Allawi at that time of Iraq installed by the U.S. had his family members (cousins, uncle, ) kidnapped, immediately within days huge ransom was sought and paid and they were released unharmed. One rule for those at the top and another for everyone else. Good luck.
    BBC NEWS | Middle East | Relatives of Iraqi PM kidnapped

    Nov 10, 2004 ... Three members of Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's family are seized from their home in ... Most are released after a payment of ransom.

  2. I am reading here in the US that all 5 diplomats have been freed with the exchange release of head of the Libyan Revolutionaries Operation Room (LROR), Shaaban Hadia Al-Zway in Egypt.


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