Saturday, January 4, 2014

So what is your job exactly Mr. Minister !?

Al Mahdi in Al Shorouk "Source : Amr Ezzat"
Shorouk newspaper published a very interesting interview on Friday with minister of transitional justice Amin El Mahdi where the veteran judge stated a very important statement.
The minister of transitional justice believes now is not the perfect time to speak about transitional justice now because there is no legislative support to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When it will be suitable for the transitional justice in Egypt if now is not the time !! When will it be suitable insh Allah according to the veteran’s judge’s view !? Last time I checked the interim president who issued laws like the protest law got legislative powers !!
What is the job of that minister now then !? Already if he is waiting for the parliament then he must know that there will be a new cabinet then. If there is nothing he can do then he can resign easily.  
If you are serious about transitional justice for real you start now with no hesitation to calm down this society on fire. True transitional justice will help you in fighting real terrorism and will bring stability for real.
Of course the only reconciliation seems to be recognized by the current regime is the reconciliation with the Mubarak’s regime icons and the ministry of interior which has not been restructured yet. 
I do not understand for real what happens to so-called respectable people in this country when they occupy official positions in Egypt. First Hossam Eissa and now Amin El Mahdi.


  1. I respectfully disagree.

    It really is not time for transitional justice exactly because the Egypt is about to almost unanimously install fascist Gen. Sisi as a president. You think the Sisi's Egypt will indict itself? In same breath, also throw Tantawi & co. behind bars?

    Clearly Egypt is in track to install Gen. Sisi as a president, then gets disappointed (hopefully soon!) and overthrow the military from politics for good. Maybe after this experiment the justice may happen.

    In worst case scenario the economy & stability (not justice though) suddenly improves under Gen. Sisi in which case he may end up ruling for decade or more. Though I suspect Saudi money can't buy stability.

  2. The cabinet believes that the time will be more "propitious" or "opportune" once they have elected a parliamentary composition they desire through rigging, suppression, and intimidation. Actually, they simply just oppose transitional justice but want to make a pretend show that they have a slight fraction of interest in it.

    While the Mubarak-era totalitarians remain in power, there simply will never be any sort of justice whatsoever in any way, shape, or form. Revolutionaries will be indicted for daring to rise up in 2011 or for challenging the autocratic, reconstituted power structure of the present time. Meanwhile, NDP criminals/terrorists, police who engage in torture and mass murder, and stone age military cultists will be extolled as heroes, saviors, visionaries, patriots, even as a breed of a superior type of human being or deities.

    Also, Saudi Wabahism is sure to flow in once the time is deemed appropriate. Its function will be to distract the populace and create a narcotic to lull potential opponents to sleep so as to prevent them from ever considering to oppose the current powers.

    The cabinet is too loaded with murders, terrorists, and authoritarians to permit it to accept any kind of real justice. They are not going to let themselves be sentenced to life in prison for killing 2,000+ citizens out of political motivations. Does anyone seriously believe that they will voluntarily allow any person critical of themselves to obtain power, either in the presidency or in the parliament (they don't need 100% of the seats to block foes)? The point of this "transitional" cabinet is to retransition to dictatorship and business as usual. The constitution is simply a fraud designed to mask what is going on; many of its provisions have a 0% of being enforced, as they would lead to the arrest and trials of the interior minister and other scumbags.

    The supposedly "revolutionary" or "reformist" members of this government/cabinet are now con artists that do not believe a whit in democracy, human rights, or freedom. They have fully imbibed the trash emanating from individuals like the Interior Minister, Sisi, Adly Mansour, or these individuals' real handlers/power brokers.

  3. The government's view of "justice" is the eradication and erasure of the meaning of Tahrir Square, much like the Bahraini dictatorship destroyed the Pearl Monument (which it hated as a symbol/beacon of hope and freedom). It is not a coincidence that the Bahrain autocracy is another government backed by Saudi and Emirati anti-democrats.

  4. Clearly, your mistake is focusing on the word transitional. Get rid of it and the statement is still true. ;)

  5. Sisi a fascist? I don't think so. He is just making sure that the army continues enjoying its privileges. The MB is thoroughly fascist. Hassan al-Banna was a pen pal of Hitler after all ...

    Nevertheless, the Egyptian elites - yes, those 45 families who are holding the wealth of our country, are back. We made a mistake. A very big one. We need a French revolution that does away with all those who thrive on wasta, corruption and undeserved privileges.


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