Monday, January 6, 2014

The Return of the #NDP Rascals

No I will not write what happened in Egypt  on Friday, it has become a routine as we have become like Lebanon. The only thing I can say that the protest law and designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization have been so successful in cracking down the protests of the Brotherhood in Egypt !! So damn successful !! Of course I am being sarcastic 
I will write about the return of the NDP and Mubarak rascals back again boldly and madly in the media and in public shamelessly.
Shamelessly the former speaker of Mubarak's parliament for 2 decades Fathy Sorror is giving lectures about how it is important to vote "yes" in the constitution referendum and about the 30 June revolution. 

Shahinaz Al Naggar , the former NDP MP and the ex-wife of Gamal Mubarak's best friend and steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz is back also and she is going to present a TV show on Al Hayat TV channel called "The Gains of the Revolution"  !! 

Oh yes the gains of the revolution and I will assume she does not mean the 25 January revolution. 
Of course people are mocking her show on Facebook. 
Mohamed Kamal , policy maker of NDP is back again and is writing op-eds in Al Masry Al Youm about the Civilian military relations mentioning what happened in January 2011 as protests. 
It is no surprise actually. Almost all the columnists and journalists of Mubarak era that kissed that rotten regime's ass are back in media boldly praising Mubarak and accusing the revolutionaries of being traitors working for the intelligence services in this realm and other realms.
This return of the rascals after 3 years is represented perfectly in how F-List belly dancer and attention seeker "another term can be appropriate to describe her" Sama El Masry has now a TV channel on Nile Sat "Do not ask me from where she got the money to own a TV channel on Nile Sat" called "El Felol". "El Felol is a term referring to the Mubarak regime's remnants and his supporters.The first production of this channel is a song by Sama El Masry dedicated to Al Jazeera channel and it is called "Yes we are the salves of the military boot". 

Of course she speaks about herself and those like her.
Politically speaking the NDPers are organizing themselves now in parties and coalitions from.At best case scenario the next parliament will be a mix of Salafists and NDPers.
The so-called pathetic revolutionary parties like Free Egyptians party , Social Demcoratic party and constitution party will lose as usual
Democracy and those people do not mix. Stagnation , retardation , poverty and dictatorship mix with them.They are the living characters of any third country dictatorship Pro-regime society.
I do not think any sane person with self respect and dignity can accept this song or this human being.
This all happens in the same time the #Jan25 activists and protesters are being crucified in the media and are standing trials in courts.  


  1. "... #Jan25 activists and protesters are being crucified..."

    This fits perfectly with what ex-MP Mostafa Alnagar posted on FB re: threats

  2. You are so perfectly right. Pity most of the country cant see it and are held ransom by the pathetic media. . Back to the same old shackles for Egypt.

  3. Though I hate all what her ex-husband caused to egypt, I believe you ned to double check your information abt Shahinz program as the info I have is that the program has nothing to do with revolution or even politics at all. she will cover more a social angle. We trust you and we want you to be always the source of validated information not just rumors to prove a specific point.


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