Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Road of Democracy is that !?

I do not understand or comprehend those who are claiming that Egypt is on the right path of democracy and that soon enough we will be enjoying the fruits of that democracy.
I do not know what kind of democracy they are speaking about when people get arrested for campaigning “No” in the referendum and activists are hunted down by silly lawsuits and defamed badly in disgusting Non stopped media campaigns spreading hatred and ignorance. 
I do not know what kind of democracy they are speaking about when the mainstream media is trying by all its power to mold the public mind again in to that Presidential cult mentality once again replacing the president with El Sisi  !!
I do not know what kind of democracy they are speaking about when thousands of young protesters are arrested and awarded wining journalists are arrested and treated like criminals in prisons.

I know that logic , yes logic says you got certain beginning that will lead to a certain end and what I see in front of me the beginning of something that does not lead to democracy but rather that leads to something else that is not good.


  1. You asked for this on June 30th. Don't cry

  2. Don't be so sure Ze. about the future of the current beginning. For example, what the Eastern Europeans communist countries gained after taking the road to so called democracy !! compared to China (still communist) today ? How much the western democracy (including the US) reward ex-communists versus the business they deal with China today?? Don't take this term "democracy so seriously.

  3. How ironic it would be if the upcoming June 30 inaugurated the death knell of this fascist junta.

    As expected, the junta is wiping its arse with the constitution and going to various lengths to rig elections.


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