Saturday, January 18, 2014

Will He Run ? Will He Not ? It is a matter of time

El Sisi "Army Spox FB page"
Will General El Sisi run for the Presidential elections !? When will he announce his candidacy !?  Will he have a second though after the results of the constitutional referendum !?
These are the questions of the hours in Cairo. Of course now his candidacy for presidency is something almost everybody certain of especially with all the leaks and his own words not to mention how the media is portraying him as a savior and that we do not have any other alternative at all , we are just waiting for the matter to be official.
Nevertheless there are certain questions that still puzzles me.
Some think that El Sisi would not run because he is a smart man and he won’t accept to be less powerful than the minister of defense according to the Constitution. Oh yes in constitution 2014 the minister of defense and SCAF has more power than the president so El Sisi can be under the mercy of the upcoming minister of defense “expected to be Sobhi Sadky” and SCAF losing all his privileges.
Why would he do something like this !? If it is about fulfilling his dreams then I will be extremely worried.
Some say that not all the members of SCAF support his candidacy decision because let’s be clear here even if he takes off his military suit and wears a civilian suit , he will be considered a military man. If he falls , his fall will affect the army and I think some generals and officers know that. Of course when that time comes General El Sisi knows that the army can sacrifice him and sacrifices 1000s men like in order to keep its image as well the privileges.
For God he won’t be more precious than Mubarak.
Some say that the general’s final decision will be determined according to the true turn out and results of the constitution referendum. Well the final results have been announced today by the High Commission elections but to be honest SCAF got the real numbers and exist polls since day one. Without doubt the turnout was not that great to the level of convincing the general to run as some hoped and prayed for. Of course now the plan of those hypocrite cronies trying to convince him to run or as he put it “to mandate him” next 25 January “oh yes” but let’s be clear here all these names are not that powerful to make millions go back to the street.
Unfortunately those people , the general and the army forget a simple fact the climax of the general’s popularity was last 3 July 2013 , other than that his popularity began to decrease because this is reality , nobody remains on the top for nothing in such circumstances in Egypt. People are not naïve as some may think.
Another thing that puzzles me : The regional support to the general.
Of course last week we knew that the UAE , one of Egypt’s main supporters and financiers had a different opinion that was said by none other than Dubai’s ruler and UAE PM Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashad Al Maktoum in his interview with the BBC.
Later there was an official explanation from the UAE about Dubai ruler’s statement but the message was received and was understood already.
Some say that the UAE had another plan for Egypt presidency where former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik becomes the president for one term and El Sisi as minister of defense.
What is even more interesting is the position of Saudi Arabia , the main backer of the current regime. The same people who say that the UAE wants Shafik , say that the Kingdom wants General Abdel El Fatah El Sisi. Not only some people but also news reports say that KSA will help us financially so the general won’t fail “not Egypt for God’s sake”.
Still we found  at the same time we find Abdel Rahman El Rashad of Asharq Al Awsat Daily saying that it El Sisi should not run for presidency. Now why was that op-ed interesting !? Well because this Pan Arab newspaper issued in London is known to be a mouthpiece for the Saudi regime. So now Do the Saudis want El Sisi to run or not !?
Speaking internationally some say that the US made it clear at first to the Generals that it preferred a civilian man even if he were a puppet but I do not know about now.
Another puzzle.
Of course you got the other puzzle of Sami Anan and the so-called intelligence Eagle Mourad Mowafi.
Now speaking seriously I know people from the general’s admirers, true admirers who believe that he should stick to his post as minister of defense and ignore the presidency because “he will lose” in this political/economic battle.
Even his admirers know that if General Abdel Fatah El Sisi runs for the presidential post , it will be an official declaration for the world that it was a coup on 4 July.
It is a matter of time now.
You know I got a plan and you got a plan and in the end God has got the ultimate true and one Plan.


  1. It would seem that a prime factor driving his potential candidacy is the deep state's desire to rule through him, as the personality cult surrounding him is its own deliberate creation. The deep state wants him to be its public image and puppet; fostering delusions of grandeur in Sisi is a bait used to ensure his cooperation. Not that getting him to cooperate is difficult, as he clearly is part of the oligarchic military establishment and is no fan of democracy or human rights.

    The only portions of the constitution that will be enforced to any appreciable degree are those relating to the military, the defense ministry, and the interior ministry. The forces that control the state will rule the government through these institutions; perhaps that is partly what they mean when they babble about "restoring the state of institutions" or the reviving "state's prestige."

    Metaphorically, the Sisi personality cult requires periodic human sacrifice. There is no indication that a Sisi presidency will see a halt to the murder of the opposition. Instead, street protests and dissidents will continue to be met with lethal force. It is obvious that a Sisi presidency will fail spectacularly and is a very foolish idea. However, the country's elites are desperate to maintain their grip and have few alternatives to Sisi. Most of the other options cannot win except through extreme electoral fraud. Then again, Sisi might be ushered in through a Mubarak-like electoral travesty which much of the world will condemn.

    Sisi and the deep state can be weakened in general if supporters of democracy and progress would unite around an effective candidate and campaign.

    It is hilarious that a fundamentalist like Sisi who seemingly believes that his dreams have pointed him toward the presidency is actually believed by some to be some sort of champion of "secularity" or anything of that sort. Not to mention that he is clearly Riyahd's favored candidate for a new Egyptian dictator.

    Also, the personality cult. The Sisi cult is, literally, a cult in a fashion similar to that which pervades North Korea's Kim dynasty or how many of the ancient pharaohs were worshipped.

    The objective of the militarists is not to change the relation between religion and state but to enact a program of exploitation, enslavement, and impoverishment.

  2. At some point, some of Sisi's fans might start to claim that he is the Mahdi.

  3. "Even his admirers know that if General Abdel Fatah El Sisi runs for the presidential post , it will be an official declaration for the world that it was a coup on 4 July".
    Come on ya Zeinab. So if general Sisi ran for presidency and did not win, will the world think it's not a coup???
    General Sisi did a great service for Egypt like what General Eisenhower did for USA. He deserves to be a president if he chose to quit his position and run for presidency as a civilian.
    BTW ya Zeinab have noticed that you lost a lot of readers because of your opinions lately? I used to check on your blog almost everyday. Now I check on it every once in a while because I feel that your opinions are not in sync with the majority of the Egyptian people. Please don't consider my comment as a hostile one against you.

    1. As an American I have to strongly object to comparing Sisi to Eisenhower. Eisenhower didn't overthrow a democratically elected government, massacre Americans by the hundreds in the street or torture people. He didn't ban the Democratic party. He lead the US in one of the least partisan eras in our history. A more Sisi is more like Pinochet or Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka.

    2. If it works the that way, then we should appoint Mahmoud Badr as President, and other member of Tamarod as Ministers. Do you think that makes sense Hazem ? Eisinhawar took part in defeating one of the most powerful armies. Killing mostly enemy combatants. Sisi only achievement is dispersing a sit in, killing mostly women , children and unarmed men of his own people. Also he is the hero of the battle of Delga. I guess its a close comparison.

    3. Right on David Walker! xxx

    4. @David Walker and Roger Yates
      "Eisenhower didn't overthrow a democratically elected government, massacre Americans by the hundreds in the street or torture people. He didn't ban the Democratic party"
      You both must be kidding me. Muslim brotherhood is the ugliest face of religious fascism. They are worst than Hitler and Mussolini.
      What about all the blacks that were killed and tortured during Eisenhower's presidency? Did you count them?or they were negroes at that time and did not deserve to live?
      In 1955, Reverend George Lee, vice president of the Regional Council of Negro Leadership and NAACP worker, was shot in the face and killed for urging blacks in the Mississippi Delta to vote. Although eyewitnesses saw a carload of whites drive by and shoot into Lee's automobile, the authorities failed to charge anyone. Governor Hugh White refused requests to send investigators to Belzoni, Mississippi, where the murder occurred.
      In August 1955, Lamar Smith, sixty-three-year-old farmer and World War II veteran, was shot in cold blood on the crowded courthouse lawn in Brookhaven, Mississippi, for urging blacks to vote. In Local People, John Dittmer writes “although the sheriff saw a white man leaving the scene 'with blood all over him' no one admitted to having witnessed the shooting” and “the killer went free.”
      On September 25, 1961, farmer Herbert Lee was shot and killed in Liberty, Mississippi, by E.H. Hurst, a member of the Mississippi State Legislature. Hurst murdered Lee because of his participation in the voter registration campaign sweeping through southwest Mississippi. Authorities never charged him with the crime. According to Charles Payne in his book, I've Got the Light of Freedom, “black witnesses had been pressured by the sheriff and others to testify that Lee tried to hit Hurst with a tire tool. They testified as ordered. Hurst was acquitted by a coroner's jury, held in a room full of armed white men, the same day as the killing. Hurst never spent a night in jail.”
      NAACP State Director Medgar Evers was gunned down in 1963 in his Jackson driveway by rifle-wielding white Citizens Council member Byron De La Beckwith from Greenwood, Mississippi.
      You guys are Hippocrates.

    5. So you are saying that Sisi's witch hunt is like the lynchings of blacks in the 1950's? Yeah, that's a pretty strong case for Sisi, don't know how anyone could argue with that. Also, Eisenhower didn't order or support any of the killings you mention. He actually famously ordered the National Guard to enforce integration in Little Rock, probably the most pivotal movement in the history of the civil rights movement. Holding him responsible for lynchings is not really fair, unlike Sisi he didn't order them and made major strides towards equality in this country.

      Sisi and the MOI on the other hand, are clearly responsible for ordering the deaths of more Egyptians than any other government in modern history. They allow fewer freedoms than Mubarak, let alone Morsi, and have probably set back the cause of modern government in Egypt by 30 years.

  4. Looks like Sabbahi, by constantly reiterating his own candidacy, is extending his middle finger against al-Sisi. Whatever honeymoon the two men once shared will likely become a thing of the past.

  5. @Orange Ketchup [sic. Catsup]

    The deep state? Deluded Turk detected. Please, Egypt is awash in its own conspiracy theories. They don't need to import yours, Özgür.

    1. The detection is faulty.

      If you prefer another term, let's call it the military establishment, an aristocracy, the military-intelligence-crony complex, or simply a group of anti-democratic political and military elites. Whatever description is applied, it is very clear that an anti-democratic force exists seeking to drag Egypt back to dictatorship. What would be delusional would be to deny its existence.

      The list of massacres, arbitrary arrests, and suppression of freedom is too lengthy to safely conclude that the country is heading for a democratic near-term future. The analogies I had in mind did not pertain to Turkey. Chile, Thailand, and some other countries experienced similar problems with anti-democratic political forces.

  6. As an American I agree with Hazem.

    The MB are the Consigleire' and their hitmen - hamas et al - are their contract killers.

  7. No matter what is the case with the MB or its nature, it does not change the fact that the new government is a barbaric junta violating human rights on a massive scale.

    Morsi could have been a Stalin and it would not justify what is going on now. The junta had its chance to move toward democracy, but, clearly, it does not want to do so. It is behaving like juntas typically do.


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