Sunday, March 23, 2014

#FreeAlaa : The Trial begins

The Trial of Alaa Abdel Fatah will start today along other 24 protesters arrested during the dispersal of the No For military trials protest last November 2013 in what is known the Shura Council Clashes Trial.
Alaa Abdel Fatah and Ahmed Abdel Rahman have been referred to court after nearly 100 days in illegal detention.
Here is a live update for the trial.


  1. This is great news, especially for Alaa himself, as well as his family.

    This is a victory against the barbarian terrorist junta but much more remains to be done in order to obtain full revolutionary success. There is still a danger of a sentence being issued against Alaa Abdel Fatah and many others. There also is a need to work on freeing all 16,000, 20,000 or perhaps more political prisoners. Finally, the police state itself must be dismantled and destroyed so that it will finally stop its campaign of arrest, incarceration, murder, and torture.

    Breaking the regime's delirious narrative is one key element of erasing the police state darkness.

    Given that the entire political and electoral process if wrecked beyond repair, the only hope now is to prepare for a new revolution. Don't count on any help from the formal religious establishments, as so many of them have now been converted into instruments for promoting dictatorship. Every social institution is being fashioned into tools for rooting autocracy in place, as well as for discouraging free thought.

    Once the next revolutionary uprising has reached a sufficient scale, a broad alliance and plan of action will be needed. The following can be the basis for the next government:

    First, overthrow of the government by uniting all revolutionary forces under a single democratic banner that consists of bread, freedom, social justice, liberty, equality, and representative government. Power to be handed to a revolutionary council/cabinet.

    1. A transitional government that only consists of revolutionary and democratic forces. No military, no NDP, no establishment figures whatsoever in any form at all.

    2. Very quick presidential and parliamentary elections (after dissolution of the regime) based on electoral laws to be decided prior to the regime's fall. No lengthy bickering over the provisions of these laws that way, if possible.

    3, A new constitutional declaration that uncompromisingly respects human freedom and changes the judiciary even during the transitional phase.

    4. Reconciliation of all political factions, but continue arresting criminals and murderers from the Mubarak and Sisi regimes. No mass arrests of their supporters, however, The MB would be brought back into the political scene but would need to drop Morsi's claim to the presidency (too controversial and divisive to bring him back; too much has changed; need reset). The trial against Morsi would be dropped since it seems to be purely fraudulent, and he either could be flown to another country or he could agree to stay and discard his presidential claim. MB political prisoners would be released.

    5. Total ratification of ICC agreement and governmental acceptance of citizens resort to the ICC to obtain justice.

    6. Removal of the army from politics. No political role for the military at all.

    7. Discarding of the 2014 constitution. New constituent assembly for a new revolutionary constitution with as broad a consensus as possible. Tunisian constitution is a good example. The forbidding of military tribunals, the establishment of freedom of speech, religion, association, and all other rights.

  2. Alaa is free.
    His lawyer should charge the Government and request financial compansation for Alaa's sufering.


  3. @Anon
    Nobody has the power to impose such an agenda. The military could just crush it.

    He hasn't even been found innocent. He was released on bail and if he is found guilty he will go right back to jail.

    1. My hope is that eventually there will be such a massive groundswell of disappointment and discontent that eventually a new revolutionary call will be able to bring the numbers back to the streets that brought down Mubarak. Or something like what happened to Yanukovych in Ukraine. Or maybe post-Pinochet Chile. This might take a while to happen.

      If the numbers were large enough and determined enough, a new Battle of the Camel, if attempted, would alienate virtually everyone and destroy the final vestiges of support for the Nazi junta. At that point, the police state would be forced to choose between preserving itself or staving off state collapse, akin to the choice that Mubarak supporters faced in early 2011.

      Sadly, it seems the Pinochet period has begun.


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