Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And it is getting Scary Now , It is a routine

The death and murder news in Egypt have become a routine , it is not longer a shock. It is a normal thing now.
Today a student was killed in Cairo university. He was shot by live ammunition. I think the students from Cairo university that have been killed in the past 8 months are more than 12 now.
Two journalists covering the protests were shot also by live ammunition according to their medical records. The journalists are from Youm 7 Newspaper and Sada El Balad channel. Both are from the Pro-regime media by the way.

Photographer Khaled Hussein from Youm 7
Eye witnesses from students and reporters say that they were shot by police forces that went earlier Monday to disperse the Pro-Morsi Students Against Coup movement’s protest. According to eye witnesses from reporters and students the police opened its fire against the students when the protest was inside the campus not even outside it !!
Here is a video showing that
Cairo University : Police fires live ammunition
According to Amr Salah El Din , the Chinese news agency photographer the police opened its fire against the reporters targeting them deliberately. Here are photos Amr took from inside the campus. Here are photos Salah El-Din took. They were not many because of the live ammunition used.
This is the first time live ammunition is documented to be used against students in Cairo university in this way. I know that it was used before but we are speaking about documentation here.
Despite the reporters’ testimonies , despite the videos the MOI is insisting that its security forces did not shot anybody. Its supporters as usual blame the bad criminal terrorist MB students !! 
Now head of journalists syndicate is threatening that we stop field coverage if the attacks against journalists won't stop.. To be honest this is what the MOI wants , no coverage.
Already yesterday two policemen killed two citizens , two civilians for no apparent reasons. The first was killed in Imbaba , Giza while the second was killed in Bani Sawif, Upper Egypt. The first was killed in a police station while the second was killed in a café. The first was a lawyer while the second was the painter. The first was shot down by a policeman intentionally after a fight in the police station while the second was shot down by a mistake.
Oh yes two citizens were killed by policemen yesterday and nobody cared. By the lawyer was defamed by the Pro-Police/Pro-ElSisi supporters online who claimed that he was a worker and MB member as if being a worker or a MB members means you should be killed !!
The 32 years old  lawyer left a baby girl who was born from 8 days ago. His mom screamed in front of the cameras that she was  Pro-ElSisi who hanged his photo in her living room but now her son is killed.
It is getting scary now that there is no public anger like before regarding these incidents. Of course mainstream media plays an important role here.

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  1. This autocracy will be destroyed like Yanukovych's incipient one was in Ukraine. Putin and Yanuvkoych once referred to their foes as terrorists, but now their militaristic minions are now being hunted down as terrorists.

    Wouldn't be surprising if the fascism of Egypt's military starts to resurrect support for the MB.

    Anyone still claiming that the upcoming Sisi administration will be inclusive, democratic, or civilized must be out of their mind or have a direct financial stake in pushing military fascism.

    The anger against massacres like these ones may seem muted now, but it will explode soon after the false promises of the military start to get exposed. People will realize that they supported murder and rape for a hallucinatory stability that never emerged and will be forced to accept why Egypt is deteriorating.


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